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It seems like only last week when I’d observe my favorite aunt apply Oil of Olay’s pink lotion from a bottle she carried everywhere.  It was an inexpensive little potion, but she swore by it. The emulsion was mysterious to me, as my fortunate mother never used moisturizers—she had nary a wrinkle, even into her eighties!  Well, Olay has come a long way from that little pink bottle over the years to several lines: “Total Effects,” “Definity,” “Regenerist” and “Professional Pro-X,” among others.  Which to choose? I did my “Drugstore Dance” with my m andatory, protective huge wrap-around sunglasses to peruse their offerings.  Some people hail this as my “Jackie O.” look; store managers tend to view me as a potential shoplifter.
I made my selection quickly before I felt the urge to run from the overwhelming number of products, trash the shelves, or pen graffiti on the walls from utter frustration (I came closer to doing it than you know).  What made me choose Oil of Olay’s Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment?  The price (under $20!) and a tag line which promises “the look of a mini-lift each morning.”  It was music to my ears, something I could learn to love.

Now I’m pulling out my teaching chalkboard:  This crème contains an Amino-Peptide complex and enhances the production of Collagen, resulting in firmer, younger-looking skin. Some researchers contend that this is more effective but less irritating than Alpha-Hydroxy, making it appropriate for those with sensitivity problems.  Anti-oxidants in the formula—Vitamins E and B3—work to protect you from damage caused by sun, wind, and pollutants.  Also included are Allantoin, a comforting, calming element, and Green Tea (stylemama, that was Green Tea, not Tea Tree Oil!).  The uses for Green Tea continue to grow.  In tests, it’s been shown to slow the development of wrinkles and lines.  A skin expert from Perricone advises that drinking several cups daily will also help you to lose weight (yes!) and prevent illness.  Keep in mind:  What you put in your body is as important as what you apply topically.  Get enough sleep, eat healthily, stay hydrated, and avoid the sun.  You may now put your notebook away.
This crème is a gentle lavender shade with a whipped, mousse-like texture.  The scent is reminiscent of a perfume from olden days.  Unlike Estee Lauder’s serum shown on my profile, you will not enjoy an immediate velvety feel, as it takes at least ten minutes for skin to absorb it.  What surprised me is that, within an hour, my skin was actually brightened as well as more supple and soft.  With continued use, results are intensified.  This is not for those with very deep lines or damage. If your complexion doesn’t require a SWAT team for repair, this may be just what you need.  Warning, Will Robinson!  Do not apply to eyes.  Facial crèmes and serums can trap water and exacerbate bags; opt for items especially created for this tender tissue.
Olay has a clever online program to aid you in choosing exactly which of its lines you should use (  Be honest for it to work most effectively. You will be asked how much time you devote to care, whether or not you moisturize, if you’ve lost or gained weight (don’t play Pinocchio), your real age (it rejects twenty-nine), etc.  I followed the animated system to see how I fared with my choice.  At the end I was elated!  The cyber woman’s voice said, “I believe that Olay Regenerist is best for you.”  My ego was lifted as well as my face!

Who else Loves Olay Regenerist?

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