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We’re proud to have Rachael Robbins, our own Beautyzilla, present this week’s drugstore deals…

Dear Dermatologist Fairy,

I’ve been a relatively good girl this year (except for the weekend Meg came to NY). I’ve been very productive, no really! I have. I helped Meg start this web site. I bring Drugstore Deals to women across America. I’ve stopped shopping incessantly, and when I do, it’s always on sale! I’ve started working out and I even take multi vitamins daily (almost) yucky! I’m even considering trying to gulp down some of that Bragg’s Apple cider Vinegar Tashagogo raves about. I wear my sun screen serum from Jo Malone everyday! And I NEVER got tanning. Who has to with all these Body Blinging bronzing creams and the evolution of the spray tan?! I use a retinoid at night and combat the dryness it causes with La Mer’s sea creatures (or whatever’s in that stuff). But here’s my problem: I’m STILL LOSING COLLAGEN AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!

Derm Fairy, I’ve sent you my wish list about 257 times, but never heard back from you. Just to refresh your memory here it is:

-2 tubes of restalyn for under each eye
-1 tube of jevaderm for each line on the side of my smile
-fat transfer for my top lip
-botox for my frown lines
-and dermabasion for my whole face.

Thanks for your time, big love and ups! Rachael

(Stupid dermatologist Fairy. That bitch ass never gets back to me. He should talk to the tooth fairy to get some fairy etiquette pointers. What’s a girl have to do to get a fairy’s attention? Knock out a tooth??? Dumb fairy.)

Well, while I’m waiting for the elusive dermatologist fairy, I have not choice but to take matters into my own hands. I can’t just sit around and count wrinkles! Or watch my collagen melt away! I have to do something. And then at my darkest hour I got an email from Jamie Wong, a representative from Oil of Olay. She asked me if I’d like to check out some of Olay’s products. I told her about my plight with the Derm Fairy and she said she had just the answer. She sent me Olay’s Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System. It came in the mail as I was heading to the airport to visit Meg in LA. So when I got to her house the first thing we did was try this at-home-derm-solution and we LOVED it! We started out with massaging the solution for step one into out skin. It had the luscious consistency of honey with tiny crystals in it. Then we spread on step two, which contains lactic acid on top of it and when the two products combined they created a warm, moisture infused foam, that we continued to rub into out faces (avoiding the eye area) for just one minute! After we washed it off with warm water our faces looked baby fresh: rosey and soft!

This product retails for around $24.99 which seems high for a DD. But considering the Dermatologist charge upwards of $100 for peels and there are about 8-10 treatments in each bottle, you are way ahead of the game!

Watch out Dermatologist Fairy, there’s a new Fairy in town!! Dear Jamie Wong: Goddess of Olay……

What drugstore dermabrasion do you ladies love? Have you tried Olay’s?

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