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OLAYSETHey Ladies! It’s Jeanasina time and I am pumped for several reasons!

I am leaving soon with my Harleyman Husband for a Sandals resort, all-inclusive, trip to the Caribbean! The amount of anticipation and excitement I am experiencing is huge!  This ‘beautiful-beach’ destination will be a first for both of us and we can’t wait to go!

We all know that for women, going on a vacation means purchasing new, going-on-vacation-clothes! I have that part covered well! To go with my new vacation ensemble, my other plans for ‘looking vacation ready’ have been made! I have appointments for a manicure, pedicure and brow wax!  I have even been using my crest white strips this past week! The one other area I wanted to perk up was MY FACE! My goal is to look damn good so that my husband will want to be chasing me along the white sands of the beach. I’m hoping we will recreate the Bo Derek scene in the movie “10”! I’m going to run in slow motion to make sure he catches me! He can’t run as easily as he used to!Wink

Here’s my segue…The makers of ProX recently released a revolutionary NEW innovative, 2 part product system that assured me (on the box)… that ‘use of their product will give me an ‘effective way to achieve firm skin!’ My goal? FIRM FACE SKIN! I started using the ‘evening routine’ mask the very night I purchased the kit!  I wanted to get my new and improved face ASAP!

That evening, I said goodnight to my husband early and I went into our bedroom and shut the door.  I wanted privacy.

I read the product instructions thoroughly and then decided I was ready.  This ‘kit’ works on your face by using two different products.  At night, you put on a mask. Morning, you put on their skin tightening serum. You do this for 5 consecutive days and VAVOOM – New Looking Skin!

I climbed into bed that first night and carefully opened the foil packet that the mask comes in. Let me tell you right now ladies, YOU REALLY NEED TO BE LYING DOWN WHEN YOU USE THIS MASK! Ok, that tip shared, I will continue…

Putting the mask on, is the equivalent of going into your kitchen, tearing off a thick paper towel and soaking it in a dish of water and lotion.  Imagine, that you haven’t squeezed out much of the water/lotion and, that you have also torn holes for your eyes, nose and lips in that sopping paper towel.  Now, imagine, lying down and placing that wet paper towel on your face! You line up the holes for your nose, eyes and mouth and then smooth the wet mask out over your entire face until it’s nice and flat! The mask is not wet enough to drip down your neck but if you wanted to you might be able to make that happen if you press on the mask hard enough!

Your entire face will be covered and then there is this ‘strange’ little piece on the mask that kind of hangs below your chin…I tried my best to smooth that piece out on my neck area as much as possible.

At this point, DO NOT STAND UP because, your mask will want to do a gravitational pull, and slide down your face! NO NO NO! Don’t STAND UP!  Just remain in a prone position, close your eyes, and relax while you imagine how good your skin will look IF this product does what it says it does!

When my husband finally came to bed hours later that night, he said “Looks like I’ll be sleeping with Michael Myers tonight!” The paper-ish mask is not flattering – in fact – you look a bit creepy while wearing it!

It’s definitely not a good look for a woman, but, KEEP THAT MASK ON LADIES!  Tough it out!  MY 5 day system, was to put the TV on, lie down on the bed and then listen to the TV dialogue and eventually fall asleep.  My husband would wake me up much later to see if I wanted the mask to come off before I totally went to sleep for the night and of course he’d turn off the TV.   By this time, the mask was dry and ALL the delicious skin-enhancing ingredients that were in the mask, have magically seeped inside your face!  You can toss the wilted mask out at this point. Fling it across the room if you want to, it’s dry, it won’t stain anything!

After a good nights sleep, you get up in the morning and open up PART 2 of your fabulous skin regimen.  Part two is a small vial with skin tightening serum inside! You administer a small amount of the serum with upward strokes into your face.

So? Did I like it? Did I think it really does something to my face?

I DID! I DID! I DID! Even my husband said “Wow – your skin really looks smooth!”

I really truly loved what this two-step system did for my skin! I actually looked forward to looking in the mirror in the mornings!  I would use this kit again in a heartbeat but…the kit was $47.00 for 5 days of masks and a small dispenser of the tightening system. After the 5 days you just use the tightening serum with your other skin care products. My entire skincare regimen consists of all Olay ProX products already, so this new intensive firming treatment product fit right in with what I already had!

I don’t know what is supposed to happen after the five days of masks.  I am wondering if I will be on vacation and then suddenly wake up with my old face, from the time before I was using the 5 masks!

All in all, I thought this product was AWESOME! It’s kind of a bother to put on that slippery, crazed bad-guy, looking mask, BUT…I’d do it EVERY SINGLE night if it kept producing the results I was seeing! The other downside is that the ‘skin tightening serum’ comes in a very small container. I purchased a ‘back up’ package of the skin tightening serum too. When I purchased the ‘skin tightening serum’ on it’s own, it appeared to come in a much larger dispenser, but in reality, it was only the box which was larger!

Walmart had the best price on this two part kit, but I did find it available at Target, Walgreens, and Ulta too!

I think this is one of the best products I have used to help with making my skin look firmer and more youthful! I really believe I could see a more attractive me after 5 days.

I’ll probably purchase it again, but it will have to be more of a ‘special treat’ as anything around $50.00 and up is for me a splurge!

Here’s what it says on the box…”Each Intensive Treatment Mask contains as much moisturizer as a full size bottle of product! The mask is made of a flexible material that stretches to fit the unique contours of your face. It delivers volume-boosting hydration to improve skin’s elasticity. After five days, your skin looks significantly younger.”

“The Skin Tightening Serum immediately tightens skin and reduces the look of expression lines.  Then, this unique formula hydrates to help increase skin’s natural fullness for firmer skin.”

Do I think those statements are accurate?  I DO! I DEFINITELY DO! I think it’s one of the best Olay ProX products that I use!

Buy it here!


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