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Gigi here! We’re all here because we love beauty products, but there are days when I want to scream. I feel as though I need to take a rocket scientist along with me to the drugstore. I stand in front of a sea of skin care creams and serums, all promising to return my complexion to the glow and softness it had when I was a young girl. Unfortunately, claims are just that; many do not live up to what they promise. The Drugstore Deals reviewer is going to ask for a refund this week.

I’ve always trusted a few companies and rarely been disappointed by them—Oil of Olay and Neutrogena, for starters. Olay has come a long way from offering simple pink fluid in a bottle to a mind-boggling number of items to cleanse, moisturize, protect, and repair. Unfortunately, they should have stayed with their award-winning “Total Effects” line. It was highly effective for me and garnered support from many women and the media. Like Ponce de Leon, I’m on a habitual quest for the consummate item to turn back the clock, and thus I opted to try Olay’s Definity Correcting Protective Lotion (approximately $25.00). This promises to fade skin discoloration and brown spots, brighten skin and make it luminous, and help wrinkles and lines disappear.

Although I have no brown spots, the word “luminous” never fails to get my attention, and this seemed like the ultimate multi-tasking miracle worker. It isn’t, at least for me. Where to start? The packaging. The pump bottle comes in a space-age cylinder and is removed by a tab at the bottom. Olay, do us all a favor—the bottle is fine as it is, and I could have saved money as well as time and angst trying to free it from its container. It reminds me of the shrink-wrapped, sealed bottles of pain relievers sold containing Tylenol or Advil. They’re often not only child-proof, but they’re also adult-proof! If I have a headache or my arms are sore, the last thing I feel like doing is fighting to get to my medication to relieve my symptoms. I feel like doing a comedy routine on this, ala the late George Carlin.

I had high expectations for this cream from my past experiences with Olay. I applied the lightweight cream gently upward and outward on cleansed skin (steer clear of the eye area, as the glycerin and other lipids will cause water to collect underneath, resulting in unsightly puffiness). It wasn’t absorbed into my skin. I had a tacky, heavy feel, which never disappeared. I wasn’t luminous but simply shellacked. I permitted several minutes to pass before I followed with powder foundation, but it caked. So I resigned to use it only before bed for a few weeks, certain that the glucosamine contained actually would penetrate more than ten layers of skin, as pledged on the label, to hydrate and beautify. Wrong.

Though I have no wrinkles per se, I have some hereditary lines from my nose to chin and a few on my neck (I was self-conscious of these as a child and recall trying to pull up the collar of my dress when school photos were being taken at age nine!). The creases were not disguised or softened, and my face was not noticeably smoother than before. The only difference was some slight clarification of my pores and complexion in general. This isn’t a total loss, but I would not buy it again. That’s why the Drugstore Deals reviewer keeps receipts, as should you.

Anyone had luck with Olay’s Regenerist Line?

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