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nyx1Stacy B here! I still think that the old saying “you learn something new every day” is so important to everyday life. It’s relevant to just about every human on the planet and when you really think about it, you all follow this well-known mantra. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new, even if it’s not intentional. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. We owned a condo, but not a house so the buying process is a bit different. Yesterday we had our home inspection. That’s something I’ve never done before and I learned a ton about stuff I didn’t ever need to know about, like how a forced hot water heater works, or what an ice dam is, or why a deck should be bolted to a house, and not just nailed. Fun stuff, right? Not really. But, useful information. Not everything you learn is fun, but a good majority of it is knowledge you will be happy you know someday.

Here’s what I learned today. I learned what pulpe paper is. I know, you’re thinking “here she goes again, more useless, boring facts. What’s next? A list of math equations?” Don’t worry, this is a good one! Pulpe paper what makes up these amazing face blotter sheets from NYX Cosmetics. The paper (really, it’s pulp paper but half of the NYX stuff is in French and puple sounds so much more glamorous than PULP) is a dry fiborous material that is made by separating fibers from wood. I can be formed into sheets and when doused in water, actually become more pliable.
Why is this important? Because these blotting papers are amazing!  And by becoming more pliable as it gets wet, the sheet won’t rip or crease while you are trying to blot your face.
I got a package of 50 sheets just in time for the last two weeks of a really humid New England summer. I tried one out the other day and loved it. I was rushing from one job to another (I have two jobs, that’s another story!) and needed a quick freshening session but traffic was bad so I was running late. I pulled a thin sheet from my little credit-card sized pack and blotted my face. I’ve used blotting papers in the past and always felt like it sucked in TOO much oil. Like all of a sudden my face was totally dry and felt like someone was pulling on my skin. Not this time! The sheet absorbed just the right amount of oil. And since it’s made of pulpe, it didn’t rip or wrinkle and seemed to absorb more as I used it.
I looked refreshed, my skin still had a healthy glow with a more matte finish and I still felt like I could move my face without it cracking. The best part is, no one seemed to know I was rushing around in air as thick as water in 90 degree heat. I think I’d use this as a blanket on certain summer days if they made these sheets big enough!

How do you ladies keep the shine at bay? What blotting papers do you love? Who else is a fan of NYX!

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