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nyc2Stacy B here! What a great welcome from everyone last week! It’s so great to see how many of you were so excited about drugstore products. I am glad to know there are other drugstore addicts out there just like me! We should form a support group. Our first meeting can be in the beauty aisle of Target. We won’t spend any money, I swear… lipgloss per person, but that’s it!
One of the reasons I think everyone was so excited about drugstore deals is that the products at stores like CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid or Brooks aren’t that expensive and the selection is pretty big. Even if some products creep toward indulgent, you always have the choice of the $1 version if you want.
We all have our “I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad” moments but we know that a fact of life is that everyone’s budget is different. Some people can afford all the fancy expensive stuff, and some just don’t have the extra cash lying around to dish out for a product that might or might not work. Or, maybe you do have a generous ‘me’ fund but your priorities are different and at this point in your life beauty is lower on the list. I’m at that point in my life right now. We just sold our tiny two bedroom condo and are house hunting. Every single spare penny is going into our house fund right now. Clinique, MAC, Chanel, I love you guys, but those dollars are going toward my dream of a spare bedroom, and extra closet and a yard to call my own. That’s my wish right now, so when I noticed my powder foundation was running low, I hopped in my car and headed toward the drugstore with a coupon in hand.
I tried out NYC New York Color’s Smooth & Natural Matte Powder Foundation. I chose Urban Light, but it ended up being a bit too light for my summer skin. No worries, I live in New England. I’ll be pale by the end of September. What drew me to this product was that it “covers like a foundation with the smooth finish of a powder for a shine free complexion”. That’s what it said, so I believed it.
I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as gullible…but I do want to believe everything these products promise to do and tend to believe it until I am proven wrong. Innocent until proven guilty, right? After trying this powder/foundation a few times, I was only half satisfied. There were a lot of good things about the product. It was not expensive, there was a good amount of pressed powder in there, and it came with a little triangle of a make up sponge — a real one, not a flattened out piece of cotton like some companies give you. I really liked the sponge, it helped me get the makeup on quickly and evenly.
I didn’t feel like I had to use a lot, so I know this would last awhile. But, I wouldn’t shout from the rooftops that it functioned as both a foundation AND a powder. Maybe it was because the shade I got ended up being a tad too light, but it didn’t even out my skin tone like a good foundation would. The powder was light and did offer me that smooth powdery finish, but if I didn’t have a little bit of a tan, I would have had to use something underneath to even my skin out.
This product definitely lasted all day (even in the heat), and didn’t get sticky or feel thick, like some makeup can do on a humid day. I liked that it was light and easy to apply. I guess my only issue with this was the foundation claim. I don’t feel like that was justified. If this was advertised as a straight pressed powder, I’d probably love it. In fact, I did love the powder aspect of it, and once I start to lose my tan, I’ll probably go back to using it as a powder. But, it will probably be over a tinted moisturizer, or a light foundation.
I guess that’s the beauty of a drugstore product…sometime you hit your mark, sometimes you are way off and sometimes you land somewhere in the middle. But no matter what ring on the bullseye you hit, your wallet is still happy.

What Drugstore Foundation or Powder do you swear by? Point me in the right direction!

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