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CREMESTICKStacy B here! It’s just starting to get cold enough in New England in the mornings that I come into work with a nice rosy glow on my cheeks. The few minutes I spend outside in the mornings before day care drop off and work is just enough to naturally (and for free!) do what blush or bronzer does for a few bucks. Luckily, it’s not cold enough yet for scarves and hats and a biting windy suck-all-the-moisture-out-of-your-body morning, but a little chill in the air really gets the blood flowing. I believe this is winter’s way of giving us a little color after having pushed the warm summer sun away so unceremoniously.
Unfortunately, the rosy glow goes away faster than a cheap makeup sample you pull out of a magazine. Then, I just feel pale and naked-faced. If you read one of my recent posts on bronzer, you’ll already know that I am in the process of finding something for fall and winter that gives me a little color without having my face look fake, or without having that awful foundation line between your jaw and your neck. Too bad I can’t just bottle up some early fall wind and use it as needed!
This week, I tried a product that I never really wanted to try. I tried extremely hard to be objective, and to give it a good shot even though I know I would normally never even think about using something like this. I picked up a NYC New York Color Blushable Creme Stick in “Mauvin’ Uptown”. “Mauvin’ Uptown is deceiving though, it definitely doesn’t have much mauve in it, but it’s a cute name anyway. It’s more of a rosy brown, almost the same color as my bronzer, which I guess is good, at least I know it works on my skin tone. I’ve always shied away from anything ‘creme’, thinking that it might be too oily for my skin. I prefer pressed or loose powder, rather than something that looks and feels like one of those giant bath crayons I played with when I was a kid. I thought this would be great though, it’s so much easier to stick this in my bag and take it anywhere than a compact and brush bronzer set, so I tried it anyway.
The color definitely worked. But there is just something odd to me about a stick of blush. I was really scared that I would put it on, and before I could smooth it in, the color would stick and I’d have two lines on my face, like war paint or something. I’m happy to report that didn’t happen, but my husband definitely looked at me funny after he saw me swipe it on and then start frantically blending. Then I started to worry that maybe that nice even color on my cheeks wasn’t the actual makeup, but the result of me rubbing it in. Maybe my skin was just pink because the blood was rushing to the surface of the skin wondering what was going on up there. I had to sit for a few minutes and let my face relax to see that it was in fact, the makeup.
My other fear about the oily factor was also disproved. At first it was a bit moist on my skin, but I didn’t feel oily or sticky all day. It wasn’t harder to take off at night either, and I didn’t notice any clogged pores or anything.
Another thing about a bronzer and brush that appeals to me more, is that I can swipe the brush in more places. I can sweep it around my eyes, across my nose, or on my forehead. I try to match my bronzer to the points on my face that the sun would hit first: my cheekbones, the top of my forehead, the bridge of my nose, and with varying degrees of color on the brush to make it look more natural. With the blush stick, I didn’t feel like I had that freedom.
While this wasn’t a product I would normally buy, it did quiet my fears. It worked well and was definitely not a huge disaster, but I’m sticking with my bronzer and brush.

Have any of you tried creme blushes? Have you tried this one?

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