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NYCCOLORWHEELStacyB here! Isn’t it funny how people always want a ‘healthy glow’ but tanning beds and too much sun are bad for you? Why do we call it a ‘healthy glow’ then? I think the origins of that phrase have something to do with the old days when doctors would rely on skin tone to diagnose many health issues since internal medicine and the tools we have today were not even close to being discovered. Healthy people had bright, pinkish skin and sick people had a whiter color. How advanced those centuries-old doctors were!
Even though we know so much more about diagnosing illnesses, what’s good for our skin and what’s not, and that skin comes in all different shades and tones no matter how healthy you might be, we are all still searching for that healthy glow. Some of us get it from a brisk walk in cold weather, some from a good work out, some from a bronzer or blush and some from some good old fashioned cheek pinching (I don’t recommend that one!)
However we do it, we all want to look alive, vibrant, healthy and happy. Even if we’re only a few of those things at a time.
This week I tried to capture that healthy glow as my area of the country gets colder and the sun gets farther and farther away. I used NYC Color’s Color Wheel in Pink Cheek Glow. See, even the name makes me think “healthy glow”!
It’s adorable, it’s a mosaic of about 5 different shade of pink and has a fun little clear plastic cover that comes on and off so easily. It’s not a loose powder so there’s not an ounce of mess. I have enough mess in other parts of my life, a nice pressed powder makes me happy!
It really went on smoothly and I barely felt it. No cake-y mess, or visible bits of powder at all! I have been pretty honest with the fact that I look really bad in any shade of pink so this was a gamble for me. I can’t handle one shade of pink, and this has five? It was a big risk. But, I tried it anyway. I was fairly happy with it. Because of all the different shades, it wasn’t really as pink as you might imagine. It did give me a rosy cheek look, but I felt like I had to add a lot more than what I normally would to get some color and once I did a layer too much and it was way too pink. I had to wash it off and start over.
If you look good in pink tones, this would be great for you. I prefer a more bronze tint, and wasn’t thrilled with all the pink. Good thing they have one for me! There is one called “All Over Bronze Glow” that is right up my alley. I liked the product a lot, but the the pink shade wasn’t right for me. Next time I hit my local drugstore, I’m going to grab the bronze shade of this. Maybe I’ll get that healthy glow after all.

Any other NYC fans?

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