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Caroline here! ‘Ni Hao! Ni Hao Ma!’ Hello! How are you! (in Chinese). Amidst the competition this week in the far east – I managed to find a product that actually just wants to work with you! Nude calls their ingredients ‘bio-compatible’, ‘ingredients the body will recognize’ and ‘will work with the skin’s own biology’. Nude Age Defense Moisturizer is designed to bring out the inherent properties in your own skin that are lacking or malnourished.

With slogans like ‘beautiful and bare’ and ‘for skin with nothing to hide’, I felt it was as risky as giving your child a name like Starr or Venus or Madonna. What if it didn’t measure up… ?

Well – the first thing I started doing with this creme, is using it with, and in place, of foundation. The first day I tried it, I found myself going lighter with the powder and clays. Then the next day I skipped it altogether and actually just went straight for the Nude creme moisturizer. I was even late, and went back to throw some on. The creme seems to bring the color and tone into one unanimous color and ‘poofed’ it up a bit as well. Soft and supple… I feel like I could alternate this creme with foundation (sans actual acne or significant blemishes). It sounds unbelievable even as I type but that’s just the way I feel. It provides a layer to your skin that is free of smell and texture. It’s simple, smooth, light and does the trick. This may be the best basic moisturizer I have ever seen or used. Or smelled. And we know how sensitive my skin is to fragrance. Adding cover up on top or underneath works great for actual coverage. It’s a great blender, can be used around the eyes, fragrance free and actually does seem to work with your skin where it’s needed. I would not hesitate to give this product a try despite the $100 price tag.

Unless your saving up for those Gucci Hysteria boots or a trip to the closing ceremonies in Beijing, this is a sure thing for any beaudoir!

Nude’s range of cleansers, cremes and men’s skincare works to reduce premature aging, inflammation, and dehydration. I also hear Nude is made from recyclable packaging, uses organics when possible, and uses only ‘community-traded’ ingredients. Formulated with bio-active milk peptides, Nude reduces depth of wrinkles, and antioxidants protect against aging and free radicals.

Any other ladies love being nude?


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