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nuanceJeanasina here! It’s been awhile since I have posted anything here on Meg’s but recently I had a chance encounter with some new products and I just really felt the overwhelming NEED to tell you about them!

One afternoon, I was in a new CVS Pharmacy store to get a flu shot. I was dilly-dallying around near skin care department, on my way out of the store – when I was suddenly sidetracked, by a small display of products I’d had not seen before…The Nuance line by Salma Hayek!

I had no idea Salma Hayek had a skin care line or that she had any products out there under her name! That night, intrigued, I went home, went onto the CVS pharmacy website and began my research.

After reading reviews on the Nuance skin care, Nuance shampoos/conditioners and Nuance make-up products she had come out with…I wanted to try it all!

Here’s a little breakdown on the cornucopia of products Salma Hayek has brought into to the world.  I’m going to quote the website quite a bit because it’s their very words that enticed ME and brought ME to the point of actually buying the products!

Salma has put out a ‘unique collection that combines exotic ingredients and ancient beauty secrets passed down through generations.

Born and raised in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, Salma Hayek was heavily influenced by the women in her family, in particular her grandmother. Hayek’s grandmother had an incredible impact on her upbringing and remains an inspiration to her today. A trained cosmetologist, her grandmother passed along beauty traditions and secrets to Hayek, inspiring her to continue to seek out the best, most effective beauty solutions around the world. Hayek conceived the NUANCE Salma Hayek collection with a desire to honor her grandmother and share her beauty secrets with all women.

Nuance by Salma Hayek, was conceived for women who seek high-quality, efficacious beauty products customized to address their personal skincare, body care, hair care and cosmetic needs.

The Nuance products are sold exclusively at CVS/pharmacy. Select Nuance Salma Hayek products are available in 7,100 CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide and in Puerto Rico. The full line is available on Salma chose CVS/pharmacy because she wanted a partner that had the ability to work with the best suppliers to produce clinically proven products. “CVS/pharmacy did not limit me to one lab or one approach,” she explains. “They allowed me to explore and identify the best products. I was involved with the creation of every product in the line.”

Following my research, I went back to the CVS pharmacy armed with a LIST of the items I most wanted to try.  When I got there…the store was OUT of all of them, except one!  I found out that her line of products SELLS OUT every time they stock the shelves!

With the help of the best customer service girl of all time, I was able to get the things on my list with the arrival of the next day’s delivery truck.  She kept my list and put the things aside for me. If she hadn’t…once again…everything newly stocked on the shelf was already gone!

I couldn’t wait to get started.  I put away all of my regular skin care products and filled my ‘daily routine’ bucket with the NEW Nuance jars and vials of products for my skin.

I purchased 7 of the skin care items she has available and I have been using them every day and night for the past two weeks.

I LOVE THE PRODUCTS!  My skin looks really smooth and it gives me the uplifting feeling that I look younger than I did before I used the products!

I have been using the Foaming Face Wash, The AM/PM Anti-aging Super Cream, The Moisturizing Day Cream, the Nutrifying Night Cream, the Renewing & Brightening Facial Serum, the Anti-Aging Eye Cream and The Green Tea Cooling Eye Gel.

I hope later to tell you more about the products individually, but as a group…the products are making me feel radiant!

 The products are also more affordable to me! The average skin care product ranges from $16.99 – $19.99.  Not bad I think!  The products all smell nice and CVS pharmacy has lots of incentives to help you with the cost of the products!

If you join their Extra Care rewards club you get 2% back on every purchase and if you get a CVS beauty club card (both cards are free) … for every $50.00 you spend to purchase anything in ‘beauty’ you get $5.00 to spend on future purchases!  Along with that…there are sales I have come across. Right now ON LINE the Nuance products are on sale! Great prices and free shipping on orders of $49.00 or more!

I feel so good about these products…they make me happy and they make me LOOK GOOD!

 ake a look at the CVS link below and see if maybe Salma Hayek has some product descriptions and ingredients that beckon to YOU!

 I can’t wait to tell you more about them so stay tuned…

 Ladies, I really think MY skin looks and feels rejuvenated!  I really believe I have some positive ‘skin tone’ going on here!

Oh man…I just wish I had time to tell you about her lipsticks…and the shampoos….I just have to come back and talk to you some more! In the meantime…I find myself wearing provocative dresses these days while I do the dishes, and dark haired wigs.  I give my husband smoldering glances while I’m vacuuming the house…all because I feel like I am channeling Salma – her products give me a positive state of mind that says…”I LOOK SO DAMN GOOD!”

Just in case you are wondering…the Nuance products are not just made for elderly sirens like myself!  CHECK IT OUT! Any of you tried them?

Buy Nuance products here:


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