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Salutations from your on location, in Minnesota, correspondent, Jeanasina!

I know it’s rather random … the days you see me suddenly appear … with a review. It’s almost like an illusion, now you see me, and now you don’t!

My explanation…a lot of things have changed with me since I first start writing for Meg (I was in my element big time back then!) I had energy galore and I could not put my thoughts down on paper fast enough! Every other Wednesday, I was there like clockwork! Ask Meg … she never ever had to remind me to write something.

I have somehow de-energized a LOT since the beginning of Jeanasina (June 2008) and my spurts of spontaneity for commenting on products concerning beauty has s-l-o-w-e-d d-o-w-n big time! Plus, since I retired and my husband lost his job … beauty products are not exactly ‘flying’ into my cart these days for weekly commentary. I have to be VERY thoughtful in what I want to buy for my skin because it’s got to 1. Be VERY VERY effective and 2. Be AFFORDABLE! That’s my world now. Considering today’s economy, I know LOTS of you are in the same boat! We now have to think twice before we purchase personal beautification items and we have more ‘criteria’ to go by. Purchasing willy-nilly – impulse beauty-category products are a thing of the past – at least that’s my reality right now.

I’m still, majorly smitten with, and believe in, several of the Olay ProX Line products for my skin … but as I mentioned a few articles ago … I was seduced at a CVS store, a couple of months ago, by Selma Hyatt’s line of products.

I purchased 3 jars of their skincare creams as well as the Nuance Renewing & Brightening Facial Serum. Out of the 4 Salma products I used, … If I could only buy ONE of them again …I’d want the Facial Serum!

On the package it says, “Evens skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles for brighter, more radiant-looking skin”. Those are the engaging words that made me buy it. It’s got natural licorice Extract and Macadamia Oil in it!

The tube is cool; it fits in your hand like half tube of toothpaste would. This tube has an applicator tip on it that has a roller-ball on the end. Packed inside the tube is the Renewing & Brightening Facial Serum. To get it out, you turn the applicator tip around and then run the roller ball across your face, wherever you want to!

It’s so much fun to use, you’ll want to close your eyes and roller ball yourself into oblivion. The idea is … while you are rolling this roller ball all over your face, the facial serum is adhering itself to the ball as it rolls through the tube and then the facial serum applies itself to your face! It’s very easy to get carried away with the rolling, especially if it’s your first experience with a roller ball applicator. Be sure to turn the serum applicator back around after using it, to keep any serum from covertly sneaking out and going to waste.

I’m sure some of you are worried about bacteria, if this applicator is running amok all over the place. They say you can wipe the applicator roller ball off with a tissue and it will be fine. I’m not worried…I guess if you let your dog lick the applicator, you might want to wipe it off … I dunno – it’s up to you. Sometimes I wipe it off and sometimes I DON’T! I probably would prove to be an appalling individual to the bacteria police.

I think my face is a little more ‘even’ toned and ‘unlined’ because of the serum. Now is this a true occurrence? If I were a betting woman, I’d say, ‘yes’. Can I PROVE to you with absolute certainty that I’m convinced it made a difference – I can’t. I did use the Facial Serum in conjunction with the day and night creams I purchased – so maybe they worked well together and I’m only attributing positive marks to the serum. Or maybe I look the same as I always do but some days are just better in the mirror than others! I still think maybe the Facial Serum is helping.

I’ll undoubtedly go back to my beloved ProX when I run out, but, like I said, I THINK there were some results! There you have it! Who knows? If I don’t buy Salma’s, Nuance Facial Serum again, and weeks after I run out, I overhear people saying … “She looked so good just a month ago … what could have happened?” Then I will definitely feel quite agitated that I stopped using it and realize I was a fool to stop! We’ll see.

Thanks to all of you who comment after my reviews – I love reading your responses. I know you don’t see me that often … these days, I’m kind of like an old gopher … occasionally I peek out and look around, then I say some stuff, and then I go back in my cute little gopher hole and just hang out till I think it’s time for me to come out and say some stuff again. Today was one of those times when I needed to say some stuff.

Last thoughts … the serum smells fresh, it melts into your skin, and you’ll want to cut the end of the tube off to get at all the serum, once it stops coming out the way it’s supposed to.

Have any of YOU changed the thought process behind how you purchase beautification products currently?


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