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Meg here! As you can see from my video above, I have quit drinking (43 days who’s counting?) Now, my Dr. told me that I HAD 100% TO QUIT SMOKING! I am facing some serious health repercussions if I don’t give up the ole cancer sticks so our long love affair has ended. This break up maybe the worst I’ve ever had.

Cancer sticks and I have had many fond memories but none are quite so tender as the time we spent alone together in traffic…Hello? This is L.A.! We live in our cars. It takes 30 minutes to go down the street. There’s A LOT of down time sitting in your car.

I’m a fidgety bird by habit. I always have to be doing something. It’s just unfortunate that so many somethings are bad for your health. I wrote my post last week about my new addiction to GoSmile Touch Ups (I’m partial to the watermelon mint). I keep them in my car.

This happened Friday, sitting in traffic, the urge to light up a cigarette or strangle someone occurred. Meg: Hand me one of those little pink tubes in the glove compartment, seriously, I’m going to freak out!

Megken: What? Why? What are those?

Meg: Grab the camera out of my bag. click the button thing to video and put it on me. I’ll explain and then I can show the Meg Heads how I use these (and that I’m mentally insane and a danger on the streets.)

That is how my little video came about! Now that I have all this new found energy I am teaching myself how to edit on i-movie (I’m slowly getting it!)

What do you ladies think? How have you kicked the habit?

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