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Stacy B here! It’s getting Christmas-y around here. We are decorated and shopped and lit up and filled with sweet treats that my son loves to help me make. It’s amazing I’m not gaining tons of weight right now with all the holiday food that’s starting to make it’s way around the home and office. Ask me if my clothes fit in 2 weeks, you might get a different answer!

This year, I’m going to have to ask Santa for some diet aids, or Spanx or miracle skin firming lotion or something! I’ve been in pre-baby pants for a few months now and I’m not going back!

I think the holidays mask us from what’s really going on. The air is getting drier…hello static…the wind is getting colder….hello wind burned skin…the moisture is being sucked right out of us like a sponge…hello chapped lips…. It’s not fun. I think Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, New Year’s and anything else you celebrate is just a diversion from what’s really happening. Maybe if you get enough presents you won’t realize your face is cracking? Or, if you eat enough pie you won’t realize your lips are about to bleed?

Well, it’s not fooling me. I’m on serious beauty watch. My husband travels for work and occassionally goes out with friends so in the last 2 weeks, I’ve had a few nights to myself as soon as I get the kids to bed. My empty house turns into beauty central. The face masks come out, the nail polish goes on, the foot cream is opened, the chick flicks start rolling. This is really important this time of year. A mental break in all this holiday mayhem is much needed and a pampering session for your skin and hair is well deserved, too.

Along with some great skin care masks I’ve been using, I switched to a more natural face lotion from Nature’s Gate. I had some success with their tanning lotion (yes, I’ve been more careful and my palms are now back to their original color) so I thought I’d try their Lemon Verbena Moisturizer.

This smelled really great, and was for normal to oily skin. My skin is not all that oily, but can get a bit slick in the winter when it works overtime to keep from cracking and falling off. Here’s the best part…ready for some of the ingredients? White Tea, Olive, Aloe, Argan, Flaxseed, Vitamins C & E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. All readable, all natural, and I actually have heard of every single thing.There are some other ones in there that are a bit more complicated, but there are no parabens, no animal based products, no nothing. Great, right?

Like the Glow Lotion, this did not moisturize as well as I hoped, but it wasn’t bad. I felt great going to bed after using it, but woke up a little tight this morning. It is very thin, so it feels like a cross between a lotion and a serum and did take a few seconds to really soak in and dry enough so I could put my face on my pillow. The good part about that is you can use just a little bit, so this bottle will go a long way. My skin does feel soft and smooth today though. The scent is light and airy and doesn’t linger too long. It almost felt…spring-y. A few days before the first day of winter, too! Maybe it was the light lemon scent. Citrus always makes me think of spring and summer.

I am glad I have this, and will probably use it occassionally for now. I can see myself being able to use this daily in the spring and summer, but for winter, I really need something a little more robust. 

How about you? Do you use a different moisturizer in the winter months than the summer?




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