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natural vs makeupMissRo here! So, I’m reading my favorite news site this morning, The Huffington Post, and in the Style section they highlight Bazaar magazine’s September issue. Famed photographer Peter Lindbergh did a photoshoot with eight supermodels not wearing a stitch of makeup. The photos are beautiful, all in black and white. The models look like they all just got out of bed (if I looked like that when I got out of bed, life would be blissful). Their hair is a perfect, tousled, bed-head mess, they are wearing either white wife-beaters, tank tops, or long-sleeve t-shirts, and I don’t think a hint of photoshop was used.

Within that same post, they entice you to also read a post by Verena von Pfetten’s called “Less Is The New More: The Case For Taking Off Your Makeup”. First, this post was written a year and a half ago??? Second, I disagree with what she has to say.

She tries to make a point about wearing little to no makeup with two totally different photo shoots. One is the cover of Sports Illustrated with Marisa Miller, the other is the spread of Lindsay Lohan in the New York Magazine. She is saying that both young ladies look old because they are wearing too much makeup. OK, Marisa Miller is gorgeous with or without makeup and she looks beautiful here! She looks like she rolled out of bed with a bit of eyeliner she had on the night before and is going swimming. With Lindsay’s shoot, they are channeling Marilyn Monroe. I’m not sure how else you are supposed to do that without some makeup. And no, she doesn’t look old, she looks like Marilyn in her prime.

I definitely agree that too much makeup can age you and be quite unattractive. But, I love makeup and there is a time and a place for it and a time and place to be natural. Von Pfetten says that she absolutely opposes foundation. However, depending upon the finish you use, how you put it on, or even if you have some discoloring issues, foundation can be very beautiful and look like you’re not wearing makeup.

I think it’s very refreshing that these supermodels are exposing a more natural side without a ton of photoshop used. However, I think these photos are less about not wearing makeup and more about the art of the photography. 

So tell me, are you more natural or do you slap on a ton of makeup everyday?

*Image source – Huffington Post, Bazaar magazine, Peter Lindbergh

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