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Meg here! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week. It was a bit off, with the 4th being on a Wednesday. Friday arrived and I kind of felt like it was Tuesday. It’s OK. I’m a little all over the place lately. I feel like I need one of those professional organizers to come in and unclutter my mind. Like, I remember the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 but don’t ask what I walked into the kitchen for. For the love of God, I have no idea. oh yeah, where did I put my keys?

I haven’t actually added up the years in my life that I’ve lost while “looking for something” but that’s only because I can’t find my damn calculator.

Napoleon Perdis is my friend. He’s my friend because he’s extraordinary and brilliant and kind. He also said I could offer a free Napoleon Perdis lipgloss to anyone that can get me a billionaire proposal. I mean, that’s a true pal.

If I wasn’t so lucky to know Napoleon personally I would still worship at his altar just based on his body of work. I think I may have introduced a few of you to his wonderful products. We have quite a few that have been and are currently being mailed out in Make Up Point Packs so if you haven’t gotten a chance to try his creations… Get those points turned in!

I don’t think Napoleon is unorganized in the slightest. I’ve been to his Hollywood corporate office (AMAZING) and his Academy (PRISTINE.) I just think Napoleon is some sort of psychic God that has the ability to trouble shoot and enrich the lives of everyday woman (sort of like a Super Hero-He totally should have been a character in The Avengers.)

Napoleon’s NP GLAM SET is a timesaver for sure! A handy, multi product compact case with the most wearable selection of colors. The 4 brown/gold/mink colored hues in the eyeshadows are absolutely breathtaking in the most natural way. They’re truly day-to-night and the most minimal color phobe would have nothing to worry about with this selection. I even use them on my brows. That said, if your more of a drama queen (who? Me) you can layer and build really dramatic looks. I can’t think of any skintone that this would not work with.

I use the center (both shades) just the more red hue on the apples of my cheeks. Again, really flattering and perfect for the office.

The glosses on the end are all universally flattering (I usually abhor gloss palette’s-why make me fall in love with 2 and have 2 stinkers in the set-ggrrr.) Thankfully, that’s not the case here. The case? Sure, let’s talk about it!

It weighs nothing, it doesn’t take up a ton of room but is not so compact that I can’t find it. All I need is my foundation, my liner and my mascara and my day look is done. Just like that. All in one place. 

The roomie test? Well, I haven’t asked Lisa BUT I DIDN’T ASK KRISTEN. She TOLD ME “I’m obsessed with that NP Palette! Those colors are awesome. I use it like, everday.” We get A LOT of products to try over here and the roomies are becoming critics as tough as moi.

The stress of not being able to find something is only compounded when you don’t know or remember what is was that you are actually looking for (I need to apply that to my dating habits.)

10 fabulous items all in a handy case for $24? I’m no Sally Struthers but that’s just pennies a day. I’m also no Sarah McLachlan but I do love animals and now everytime I hear her song “Angel” I want to kill myself. I can’t be the only one. Hello? Point being, if you break this down by product and by the time you’re saving (if you believe time=money) then we all owe NP a heck of a lot more than $24.

I love it and I love him! Also, if you’re not a fan of Meg’s Makeup on Facebook than why not? We’re running lots of fabulous giveaways and today’s is to win Napoleon Perdis “Mesmer-Eyes” mascara. So go enter, nothing better than free!

Who has gotten NP Glam Set and what did you think? What Napoleon Perdis products do you love?

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