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Meg here! I’m 36, I smoke (been trying to quit for 10 years.) I love a cocktail (or 5) my diet is complete crap. I never get a good night’s sleep and I don’t exercise. I AM THE COMPLETE PICTURE OF HEALTH. I’m not. But I don’t worry too much about it, because you know what? I’m a pretty happy person.

I never thought I needed a YouTube channel because we all love each other through the written word. I’m Old School New England Irish Catholic. I wrote once that I loved you. Now you want me to express it? What kind of Hedon are you? We don’t do that we’re I’m from. You should get a pat on the back and know I’d take a bullet for you. In this age of touchy-feely emotions it seems I’m not delivering to my audience. 

So I’m trying to learn and I hope you’ll help me be better.

I don’t want a damn Make Up Channel. Everyone I see with one is 22 years old and flawless. I also see really awful and mean comments under them.

Why would I want to hurt my self-esteem? Why would anyone want that?

Well, there has to be someone to bite the bullet and say, yes, I’m older. No, I’m not an Asian Tween. Maybe my advice can be helpful for those of you that are not as well. Also, my dad has been in jail and I will find your IP Address and give it to him if you leave disgusting comments (Just kidding-not really-It’s just mean, don’t do it.) *My lawyer said not to write that* I sometimes ignore my lawyer.

My channel will have advice for those over 25. My channel will be irreverant and entertaining and we will give great give aways. My channel is here

I am a nice person that has some great beauty inside. I work with a lot of celebrities, I will do great give aways, I have a rescue dog.

It has also been 10,000 degrees and I am obsessed with not looking sweaty so my Napoleon Perdis Camera Ready Foundation has been my Godsend. It’s amazing. 

I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel because I am a real person with an unreal life that never wanted it to be left open to comments because I know they will say “Get help you weirdo”-Your Mother.

For those of you that chose to take the ride with me I thank you. I also promise you’ll get some free stuff and it will be quite a ride.

Thank you,



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