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Meg here! I hate to wash my face. I forget all the time and I have no business writing a beauty blog when I drink like a fish, smoke like a fire and forget to wash my fash before I go to bed. The only redeeming values that I have are, I wear sunscreen sometimes but love products. You’re probably way more qualified to write for this site and I apologize. I do love gross things, stay with me here.

Yes! If it is gross I am a fan. Do you know what milias are? They’re the little, hard white zit things under your face. When you go to a dermatologist they use a special, small little razor to cut them out. You can’t squeeze them out. Or else! HA! HA! (I have-after bleeding profusely and definitely causing long term damage effects) you look like you’ve been to a butcher shop. The collatoral damage that one does to their face to remove a milia is not worth the milia extraction. This doesn’t stop me “Meg, Milia Hunter” (That’s the name of the Lifetime movie.)

Anyhow, I can have blood pouring down my face but once I remove the hard, round white milia ball, I feel like I have climbed Everest. The milia is the Bin Laden. I laugh at the black and white heads. Those stupid sleeper cells. I can take them out in a nano second.

I have been known to tackle unsuspecting boyfriends and tear off their shirts. Not for a hot love making session. It was because I saw a blemish on their back ready to be extracted. Hold on, I need water, I’m getting hot over the memory.

“THERE IT IS! I GOT IT!” I’ll exclaim with pride to my man as I wave the offending blemish in his face (wait, why am I single?)

I want to see “dead cells” I want to see “oil build up.” Do you have a gross in-grown hair bump? Well baby, I’ve got tweezers, call me…

I’m a sucker for a “World’s Best” in anything. Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve ordered from Hammacher Schlemmer. A face cloth? Really Meg (you may be asking yourself, more likely you’re silently agreeing with me that a deep extraction with successful removal is life’s greatest joy.)

I have to revise the opening to “I used to hate washing my face!” What would a gross purveyor, results oriented, proof is in the pudding type of gal, like myself get out of “washing my face?” Sure my face would look clean, what fun is that? I want to SEE what was living on there. I want to be so grossed out by the grime, dead cells and old makeup residue. If “seeing is believing,” then make me a believer.

Nanotech Reusable Face Cloth has appealed to my scientific, dermatologist, surgeon background (disclaimer, I have none of the mentioned.) It grosses me out in the most marvelous way!! In ONE SWIPE (I keep mine in the shower) I see the crap that’s been on my face all day long! I love to remove ALL MY MAKUP IN ONE SWIPE (it’s flipping amaze-I swear.)

I can’t stop wiping, I LOVE DISGUSTING! I drive my roommates insane when I say “Look at this! No, really, look! It’s all grey!! That was on my face!” I shove my Nanotech in front off them and they roll their eyes, but not before checking the cloth out.

They then gag as I point out dead skin on the cloth. Whatever, once it comes out of the laundry it mysteriously “dissappears.” I believe we all secretly love “gross.” 

There is a sense of accomplishment in what you’ve seen removed and exfoliated. This is your miracle face, the problem “eraser” (as it has been called, the eraser.) Don’t take their word for it. LOOK AT YOUR CLOTH! You’ll instantly see it!!

My face feels like my teeth do after a professional teeth cleaning. Once you rub your tongue over your newly cleaned teeth, you can’t believe the build-up that you had been walking around with. Once I Nanotech wash my face, it feels the cleanest, most buff. The baby smooth feeling of new skin. For real! I have ZERO relationship with this company. I just asked to be sent a sample after hearing people freak out over it, I get it. I’m using this (Megsmakeup) code to get more. Google it. It’s amaze! 

Again, I emailed the company for a FREE SHIPPING CODE MEGSMAKEUP. I swear, there is no incentive financially at all in me telling you that YOU NEED THIS! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR FACE!

I would write more but I am seriously all amped up and going to go use this, I’ve had a “glamour day” and can’t wait to not only wash away all of my sins-but see the damage I’ve gotten rid of. In the flesh!

There’s nothing gross about that! It’s frankly, just beautiful. TRY THIS! YOU AND EVERY MAKEUP ARTIST NEEDS IT! Am I the only “gross girl” out there? You pick, you squeeze? Own it Dr. Fabulous!

Get it here! You need this! 


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