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Kate2004rock here! My first makeup was a Tinkerbell set with a translucent powder a gawdy-pink lipstick and some rose-oil perfume.  I got it with some dress up clothes sometime around the age of four.  A few years later I got a new makeup palette with all kinds of “fun” colors of eyeshadow (teal, orange, hot pink) and those little lipsticks that stack like legos.  My mom just HATED when I wore the stuff out of the house…to school, on airpline trips, wherever.  She told me I “wasn’t” old enough.  At age 9, I began buying Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polishes (which, at the time, were only 99 cents) at the grocery store when my mother was back in dairy checking dates on gallons of milk.  I wore green and blue (school colors!) on alternating fingers for about tree years!  Eventually she even bought me some powder (for covering breakouts) and a lip pencil at a friend’s Mary Kay party that I got roped into attending.  The older girls at school always had their free-gift clinique bags out at lunch or between classes to reapply.  And I so just wanted to be like them.
For my 13th birthday, I finally became a woman.  When I opened my presents from mom and dad, I got a tube of Maybellilne Great Lash mascara and an appointment card to the Clinique counter that evening!  I got my first makeover and and was “outfitted” with all the products I’d need! Though, my mom thought I would eventually get tired of wearing makeup (joke’s on  HER, now!), the lessons I learned in that experience were so important!  Someone really took the time to show me how to wear makeup and how to wear it right!  I really hope that every young girl in the future gets the same kind of treatment!  I encourage all of you to do the same for your daughters, neices, or little sisters.  
I’ll leave you with some suggestions for the best products for “young” learners to start out their makeup wearing careers with!
1) Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer -$32 is a reasonable price for complexion products.  It has some shimmer which young girls (and 23 year old MBA students) love.  It has SPF 15, because we need to drill it into their heads NOW!
2) Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess – As I’m sure most of you know Tarte’s packaging is beyond cute and its supposed to be fun.  And Tarte products pack some punch.  Most teenagers feel obliged to wear bronzer every day and the Park Ave. Princess is perfect because it will show a makeup newbie that bronzer is supposed to be brown/bronze and not orange.  It’s a pretty glow in that fabulous faux-croc case.
3) Clinique 3-Step Skincare – Easily one of the most foolproof ways to teach your girl the steps of skincare and why and what each stage does to beautify your skin.  Plus, clinique’s different lines are easily swapped and blended (perhaps if she needs acne-care or redness treatments).  Plus they’re at lower price points than the heavty-duty stuff that us less-young girls have to use.
4) Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara – I recently discovered an unused forgotten tube of this in my own stash and It just does wonders.  You get tons of volume and great separation and $20 is something she can afford with her babysitting cash.  Downside: slipperly slope into getting addicted to the primer potion.
5) Duwop’s Lip Venom – $16.  This silky clear-pink gloss (shimmer available!) is a great natural look for younger girls but they get some plumping action to really get a good pout going.  Plus its handy and pocket sized!

What was your first big makeup spurge and how old were you?

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