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tzoneStylemama here!  I’m not gonna lie, if I see a pimple, black head or any other foreign hanger on-er anywhere on your person I’m gonna pick it, and that’s if you’re a stranger.  If you’re unlucky enough to be a friend or family member you are going down.

If you’re like me (sorry), then Murad has you covered, their T-Zone Pore Refining Gel has become a fundamental step in my routine.  Ironically, when I received this my first thought was, “This will work great for Stylepapa’s oily complexion.”  I didn’t think it would do a thing for me.

To my surprise, this product is way bigger than oily skin.  After a few weeks of using it and a little research I can totally see why this worked out so well for me.   Right at first, I did notice some slight irritation, flaking and dryness.  Switching my routine to just one application each night quickly resolved these problems.  It’s meant to be applied in a thin layer, after cleansing and toning.  This is one of those times you really want to follow the directions, using more product does not yield better results.   When I pressed small amounts all over my face and neck, the results really made me smile.  The blackheads that reside in the corners of my nose are just about completely gone, the little bumps that I call skin are smoother, and my pores look seriously smaller.  Even when I looked at them in the back bathroom, the one I never use because the lighting is so good I almost always walk out of it crying.  

The biggest surprise came when I realized that my spots were getting lighter.  (I’m sick of using words like hyper pigmentation so I’m just calling them spots from now on.)  

It really is true when they say that makeup only looks as good as the skin it’s covering.  I’m really happy with the way mine is looking, especially in the t-zone area.  I never thought it could look that smooth, matte, and glowing all at once.  You know, just like the skin of the young children in your life; the little creeps.

I have dry, sensitive, easily irritated, uneven, spotted skin, why did this work so well for me?  Time for some serious research.  (Okay, so I read the ingredient list, that counts!)  I guess when you combine glycolic and salicylic acids with Pomegranate Extract and Retinol, (to name a few) you end up with an effective concoction.    The glycolic and salicylic acids gently exfoliate, while the Pomegranate neutralizes and protects against free radicals.   Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, improves skin tone, texture and overall radiance.  In other words, this product provides balance.   Let’s face it, balance is pretty on any level.

This isn’t just for the ladies either.  The men in your lives are going to appreciate the minimal effort it takes to get fantastic looking skin.  My guy won’t use anything with an application time of more than 2.5 seconds.  See for yourself, this is what Stylepapa had to say:

I have been using Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel for 1 month now.   Like most products that help with pimples or blackheads, this product started out helping a little at first and then I noticed that my skin worsened for a short time.   After the purging process, I started seeing real benefits.  That’s saying something because my face is oily, really oily.  I could easily compete with the “oil reserves” of many foreign countries.  I can’t stand to see blackheads on my skin so I will destroy my face to get that last one out.  After using this stuff I still have some blackheads but they have decreased by at least 75%.  That’s a lot less picking!  The product has a strong scent, it smells like something that’s definitely going to work.  You only need about ½ pea size to cover your t-zone or whatever your target area is.  If you put too much on, it won’t absorb well.  It’s quick and easy to use. These two qualities rank high on my list and are almost more important than whether or not the product actually works.   That’s just me.   Fortunately this stuff really works.   

Thanks Stylepapa!  Here’s a song I made up just for you:  John and Dawn sitting in a tree, p-i-c-k-i-n-g.  First comes love then comes……… You get the idea.  Who knew we had so much in common?

Good Housekeeping Magazine just named this the #1 pore refiner on the market! Who else is using Murad and now faces the withdrawal symptoms that comes from having of a clear complexion?   How do you manage?

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