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Meg here! I am going to tell you my VERY FAVORITE INGREDIENT for my face. I don’t care who it is by-If Vitamin C is the main force in a face product my skin just drinks it up. I’m a smoker and I am trying to cut back before I quit. I hear (I know, aside from the fact it is going to kill me) that it depletes vitamin C from your body. A rational person would quit the cancer sticks. I headed to GNC to buy these really yummy vitamin C round wafer tablets that tasted so so good. I used to get very annoyed when my mother would only let me have one Flinstone vitamin! I mean, between Dino and Wilma, gosh, who could pick?

Any how, I really liked those vitamin c wafers in the big tub. They were so good. I ate them like potato chips watching a movie one night (I do not advise this and I only pulled this stunt once because I then proceeded to pee for hours straight.) There was a reason my mother had the flinstone vitamins on the top shelf!Surprised

Back to beauty Meg! This is not vitamin anonymous! I love Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum, I love Lumene’s Vitamin C Drops, and now everyday before I go out in my hot little convertible…I love Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisturizer. The SPF 30 is making this moisturizer making the top-down cut.

It really feels like it is replenishing my parched skin. The vitamin c is absorbed quite quickly on my face. I say it takes only a feel minutes to sink in there before I can apply my make-up for a no-stick just protective canvass.

Murad is one of the top selling skincare lines in the country (U.S.) so I can’t be the only one on the bandwagon. I always liked the line, but now that they have vitamin c? I LOVE THE LINE!

I love it like a fat kid loves cake, or a lazy women too tired to go to the supermarket and buy chips snacks on a GNC tub of vitamins. All sorts of wrong people!!

I promise not to eat my Essential-C Moisturizer even though it is extremely delicious!


Who else out there loves this and all vitamin c based products?

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