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cleansingshaveMegken here – I am loving Manly Mondays. However,  I have to say that I am of the opinion that the manliest thing I do with grooming is to wear a beard because in nature it distinguishes our gender. But facial hair is not for everyone, or more relevant, it’s not for every guy’s wife or girlfriend.  I have a beard ever since I could grow one. I never enjoyed shaving, maybe because I was horrified by memories of all those nicks and cuts my father would get from shaving. He eventually gave in and grew a beard. I was convinced it was because he felt super foolish putting tiny pieces of toilet tissue on his bloody nick-spots.  For this product I wanted to have a proper review so Meg asked a real “shaver” to test out the Murad Cleansing Shave .  I however had to try it.  Even though I haven’t put a blade to my face in over 15 year, I usually just use my trimmer, but I had to give it a test because of my devotion to However, I don’t have a razor. That didn’t stop me! I’m pretty determined. Shhhh, I took one of Meg’s pink Venus razors (so much for distinguishing our gender), lathered up my “under-beard”– basically my neck, and went at it.  I’ll tell you my thoughts in the comments.  Here is DavidLovesMeg’s review, a man with Baby-Face-Skin:

DavidLovesMeg here! Thank you for the compliment on my baby face skin Megken.  I am very glad to be a new part of the family and look forward to learning good skin care tips from everyone.  Before I even get into reviewing this product today, and with all due respect to megken, I must tell you that I disagree completely when he says the manliest way a man can express his manliness is to wear a beard.  A freshly and properly shaved face can still express this just the same, but also with a serious dash of sophistication!

Nothing looks less sophisticated though, than a freshly shaved face burdened with unsightly red razor burn bumps.  That’s amateur  And this is exactly why we need products like Murad Man’s Cleansing Shave.  
First of all this product is really two products in one:  it is a very elegant shaving cream, that doubles as a gentle exfoliating facial cleanser.  I happen to like the idea of having a facial cleanser that can double as a shave cream because I am of the school of thought that the less variety of products we put on our faces at one time the better.  I don’t like putting too many products on my face at one time because I feel like I cause irritation this way.  To me, for this reason alone, I would consider using this product.

The exfoliation process in the cleanser is done chemically (with mushrooms enzymes – which I’ve heard are very good) and not mechanically (with round beads, or salts of some kind.)  Since I didn’t seem to have any adverse reactions or allergies to mushroom enzymes, this product was gentle enough for me to use everyday even though it was an exfoliator.  I imagine it will be gentle for anyone to use daily who doesn’t have any allergy or reaction to mushroom enzymes.  The consistent gentle exfoliation of dead facial skin lays an excellent foundation for a super close, razor burn free shave as it helps uncover stubborn facial hairs that are covered over by debris.  This will in turn help prevent in-grown hairs and therefore the razor burn we wish to avoid at all costs.
This cleanser/shaving cream also contains a good amount of moisturizers and anti-oxidants that both protect the skin, and/or prepare and soften stubborn beard hairs to be smoothly shaved away with minimal skin irritation.  I didn’t cut myself one time while shaving with this product.  And as a cleanser alone, it does a very good job of washing away excess oil on my face, and clearing away dead skin, without over drying.

Please keep in mind though, as a shaving cream alone, that this stuff is definitely not as easy to use as your basic barbasol.  (To me this is ok because I get more out of it, but it’s not for everyone.  It’s not for the impatient.  It’s not for those that don’t want to invest the time into proper shave care.) It would require the diligent use of shaving brush to really lather Murad Man’s Cleansing Shave to create the foamy and luxurious experience that some of us crave.  But also keep in mind that a perfect lather isn’t entirely necessary with this product, as the product’s ingredients are of such high quality and precise formulation that it will moisturize sufficiently even without use of a brush and proper lather (I didn’t use one) and it still gave me one of the closest shaves of my life.

This is a sophisticated shaving cream, for a patient man who wants a sophisticated shave.  You will get out of it, what you put into it.  I highly recommend it to the shaving connosiour.

What did those of you that got to test Murads Cleansing Shave think? Would you be happy to get this as a holiday gift from a lady in your life? Let us know! Ladies, would you be comfortable giving this decadent shave instead of boxers?

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