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settingsprayMeg here! I took down the last post because it was a total downer and I am not going to do any more doom and gloom! I’m going to be positive and happy! To kick off positive and happy week, I have a product that I’ve come across that I never would have picked up because I feel like my vanity is already stuffed to the rafters.

A friend of mine got me a bottle of Motives by Loren Ridinger Makeup Setting Spray. I had never heard of the brand before and I’ve never used a makeup setting spray. I wasn’t actually even sure what one does. Here’s what Motives says ” Helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles and

  • Six moisturizers alleviate dry or powdery appearance on makeup surface
  • Helps reduce makeup slippage into pores, lines, wrinkles or scars
  • Surface cooling technology holds temperature to avoid melting or sliding
  • Fewer required touchups throughout the day
  • Saves up to 50% of makeup usage”

That’s a lot to claim! I haven’t been using it long enough to comment on the “Saves up to 50% of makeup usage” part but I can comment on the rest! It 100% completely does get rid of that caked on powder look. It does keep my eyeshadow from looking “creasy” and it gives me an overall fresh and dewy glow.

It’s kind of like a reverse primer! My makeup does seem to stay on throughout the day longer but it has the “fresh” look of when I first put it on. Am I the only one that feels like after a certain point their makeup just looks sort of stale?

I’m really loving this Motives line and will be getting in tough with the company to see if they can part with some of this setting spray so that I can get your opinions on it as well. The Motives line actually looks as though they have quite a few unique products that are going to leave me with even less bathroom real estate!

How bout it? Have any of you ever tried anything from Motives? Have any of you ever used a setting spray?

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