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Sorry this is up late! I’ve been on planes, trains and automobiles! Xox, Meg

Sweetassgal is here to pay homage to true beauty…the beauty that comes from within a woman’s soul.  It’s that glow that comes through a bright smile and happy eyes and it cannot be bought or contrived.  It just is.  This is the kind of beauty that comes from a single glance given to me from my beautiful friend Andrea.  I was lucky enough to share her Bachelorette party in Aptos back in April and was in constant awe of that beaming smile telling everyone at once that she both loved us and was so in love herself.  It’s a magnificent thing to behold and I cherished every moment!
Most ladies can attest that all Bachelorette’s have one thing in common…it’s ALL about them and for all intents and purposes they are entirely self absorbed on this their “special” day.  Not our Andrea.  All the way to Aptos she clutched a prized box in her hands protected with rubber bands and it almost never left her sight.  She revealed its contents to us on the first night.  She had taken the time to make EVERY one of us a special “thank you” gift bag each hand picked for our own color, scent, and foo foo girlie preferences.  On this, her special “me” time…she was thinking of those she loved.  Now that is true beauty.

One of the first things I gravitated to in my gift bag was the Montagne Jeunesse Pore Cleansing Fruit Smoothie Mask.  She picked the over the top fruity Crushed Raspberry and Mango scent for me (does she know my kooky ass or what?) and I knew this was a treat to be saved for a little “me time” of my own.  That time came last Friday when I was bathing for my families trip to Tahoe to celebrate the many, many, many occasions we have this month and I decided to slather it on my warm water only doused face (no face cleansers…they want your pores open).  Yes, it is mango-tastic and raspberry-riffic smelling and there is certainly plenty to go around.  First off I realized I had applied too much and that it would never fully dry in the 15 minutes I had left so use a little more sparingly than I did.  Sit back and enjoy the aromatherapy because its sublimely refreshing.  I rinsed the partially dried mask and observed my skin.  Definitely soft and felt nice but there were no major transformations present.  Just a nice smelling fresh faced feeling.  I don’t think this is a super expensive mask so I wasn’t expecting Megan Fox to emerge from behind the mask…just a sweeter smelling version of yours truly…sweetassgal!
Most of the Montagne Jeunesse line can be found at your local drug and grocery stores.  Usually hanging around at the end of the aisle teasing you to give them a try.  The website only ships to the UK but you can see their entire line there and just hit your local CVS to purchase (FYI to Cali’s…CVS is taking over all of the Longs Drugs so check there too).  There are a wide range of products from face masks, hair care, foot scrubs and even pore strips.  The only thing to match their selection is their variety of scents and scent-sual pleasures!  They’re made with a minimum of processing using plant and mineral derivatives and NO animal testing.  Most are Vegetarian Society approved, some are Vegan and all are “nothing nasty” chemically free! 
Give yourself an affordable treat and a sweet little pick me up with one of these fruity infused masks.  If you’re lucky you’ll come out glowing and half as beautiful as my Andrea.  GLAM ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Who else has tried this delicious line?

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