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skintopowderHello ladies! Jasmine here! The time has come for a little exploration in the realm of foundation makeup. I’m sure many of you lovely readers out there who have olive to brown skin tones have felt how I’ve felt for the longest time about foundation makeup – don’t use it, don’t need it, and nothing matches anyway. My skin is pretty balanced. Though I have combination skin – a balanced T-Zone but a bit more oily and dry on top and bottom respectively it tends toward the dry side so I hardly ever get breakouts, just slightly bumpy, dull patches when my skin is too dry. More of a concern for me is the unevenness of my skin tone. Like many olive to brown skinned ladies, my forehead and chin are a darker shade than the middle of my face. To get that even glow, it usually takes me several steps with various makeup products to get that “natural-glow” coverage.

Allow me to introduce Mirabella Beauty’s Skin Tint Cream-to-Powder and Creme mineral formulas. Based out of Santa Clarita, CA, Mirabella has seemingly cracked the code for providing the perfect mineral foundation formula for every skin tone and type. Free of talc, oils, parabens and dyes I think this would work well for those with sensitive skin or who want minimal additives in their beauty products. Mirabella’s foundations also have vegetable / plant based polysaccharides that smooth out lines and wrinkles by hiding the skin and Mukul Resin Extract that helps prevent further degradation to the skin lipids and can improve the elasticity and tone of its current condition. They have even included titanium dioxide for a natural sunscreen that provides SPF 20 protection. Yet, what makes it truly unique is that it has infused a creamy finish into it’s mineral makeup. That’s right – a mineral foundation that can actually provide the texture and medium coverage of a creme foundation with the natural, translucent finish of mineral makeup! Who would have thought? Because of my propensity to dryness, I have always counted myself out of the target market for mineral makeup even though I have always ben attracted to the concept of using a natural makeup foundation base that covers imperfections well without making me feel like I can’t touch my face because it’s shellacked in liquid foundation. I abhor heavy foundation makeup – makes my skin feel clogged and untouchable – but the mineral makeup brands I have tried thus fare were on the very opposite scale; too dry for my combo skin as it would cake to the dry bumps and highlight the imperfections not hide them.

Whether light, dark, oily, dry, or a combination of any, this line of foundation have something to offer to match every woman’s needs. They offer their mineral makeup in Cream-to-Powder (which is my preference) and just creme form. Both of which provide pretty substantial coverage but are not very heavy. As far as color matching though, Mirabella takes the cake in how easy they make it for the average consumer with limited knowledge about picking the most complimentary tone foundation using what they call the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test. Based on a scale of 0-5 (“0” being the fairest, “5” the darkest), the FSTT asks a series of questions regrading coloring of one’s hair, eyes, skin, and how your skin reacts to the sun. Once you tally up the the points, your score tells you if you are a cool, neutral or warm skin tone and  which of their 14 shades is best for you. The level goes from I – VI and Mirabella offers different color tones for each level and segments it even further with either “C” for cool, “N” for neutral or “W” for warm – which I love, because now when I am shopping for other makeup I have the know-how to pick items that best enhance my specific coloring. Although, I did come up as a neutral medium brown, which I kind of expected anyway because I can wear all the colors they designated for both the “warm” and “cool” skin tone categories. I found that my “IV W” foundation did a great job evening out my tone and was light enough for me to wear during the day without profusely sweating under it as was my experience with creams before. But as specific as the color was, I could have used one shade lighter – the IV N – which shows you just how detailed and close of a match you can get to your skin. No need to mix two different colors anymore for my mixed tone brown beauties!

You can’t purchase their products on the site, but provides listings of all the distributors and salons that carry their products for purchases or makeovers. Aside from foundation, they do offer a full line of colorful eyeshadows, liners, and lipsticks as well as mascara. So look them up and give them a whirl – maybe go into to your local salon that carries them and ask for a demo. I guarantee many of you ladies will be pleasantly surprised!

Have any of you used Mirabella? Please share any of your experiences with mineral foundations!

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