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CosminologyFoundationMissRo here! When I wrote my first post about the Cosminology concealers, I was blown away by how smoothly it went on and how well it covered. I’m still using it and enjoying it everyday whether I dab a bit to even out my skin tone or to use it as my “foundation”, I love it! My skin looks absolutely flawless every time.

So, the other day I started to try out the You Rock My Cosmos! Clinical Mineral Coverage. I’ve mentioned in other posts that I’m pretty fussy about different beauty items. The big two are face cleanser and foundation/powder. When I have tried other mineral foundation powders, they either look too chalky or it’s too iridescent and my face looks very shiny and not natural. I was very pleased with the look of Dr. Dima’s Mineral Coverage. However, it goes beyond just the type of coverage it gives you and how your skin looks, it’s healing.

There are many people, both men and women, that have either suffered from bad acne or had a terrible reaction to beauty products that have ruined the tone or quality of their skin. Then you start to become insecure about how you look and you are not comfortable showing your face. Dr. Dima knows this first hand, because she endured a terrible scar during the testing phase of a new laser. She tried several different brands with no luck and after months of her quest to find the best coverage, she finally created the world’s first physician formulated mineral makeup.

You Rock My Cosmos Clinical Mineral Coverage comes in six colors. It’s paraben free, talc free, fragrance free, oil free, dye-free, non-comedogenic, and most important bismuth oxychloride free so you don’t get that chalky look. Not to mention, bismuth oxychloride is a byproduct of lead and copper which usually irritates the skin and can worsen conditions like acne and rosacea, and no one needs that!

Also, with your purchase of $85 or more, you get a complimentary “Try Me” kit from Cosminology. The kit includes – Global Debire Remover Get Cosmically Naked, So Universally Clean You can Eat Off My Face, Big Bang Those Light Years Away Hi-Plutonic C Daylight Anti-Oxidant Cream, Cosmic Ray Shield SPF 36 Your Skin’s Solar Eclipse, Galactic Glove Seal Your Skin Anti-Oxidant Serum, and Fault-Line Defender Twilight Anti-Oxidant Cream. Wow! That’s practically the whole Cosminology skin care line!

What’s your favorite foundation, powder, or both? Have you tried any Cosminology products? If so, which one?

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