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Meg here! I am happy to report that I am still smoke free! That’s great, however the pack a day for twenty years bit may have done some damage. Those are “naughty lines.” Lines my bad behavior caused. Smile lines? how is that fair? Isn’t smiling good? I love to laugh, I really do. If you have any doubt you can see my “laughing lines” aka “crow’s feet.” Had a good life? Lots of joy and giggles. The joke’s on you lady! We will see your laughter and raise you a tear once you see the wrinkles we’ve got in store for you. What’s a girl to do? Walk around expressionless (that is an option but hardly seems fun.)

I have a new magic wand (Fine. I have another magic wand but this is for your eyes!) Michael Todd True Organics Eye-O-Sonic Infusion System is my new secret weapon. How much do I love this? I’m taking it with me on Extra! This Wednesday, I’m going to be vibrating away any lines Mario Lopez might have (I’ve never seen any on him but you never know if there are some lurking. He seems to smile a bunch.)

“Meg, is this a gimmick? Seriously, a vibrating wand for your eyes? What does it do and how exactly is it any different then using my own hands?” There are a million off color jokes I could make about the benefits of a vibrating wand over your own hands but since my grandmother insists on reading this site. I will refrain.

The answer is in the ions! This is the quickest way to sum up what’s going on. The explanation of Ion Technology: The outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) is covered by a tough layer of dead skin cells that functions like a wall to keep foreign substances out such as heat, light, dirt, microorganisms and pollutants, which is a good thing when it comes to protecting us. Unfortunately, it is a bad thing when we want to nourish and moisturize our skin because this protective layer prevents the penetration of biologically effective ingredients meant for repairing the skin. You see, the “wall” is not selective. It does not differentiate between what is good for the skin and what is not.

The eyeosonic is beneficial because it can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your topical renewing products. It is a uniquely effective therapy that uses ions to penetrate the skin’s natural barrier and carry skin care products more deeply into the skin where they can work effectively to rejuvenate cells at a molecular level.

Hundreds of ions pulsate into the skin and deliver your eye cream more effectively, it really gets it in there. Whats the point of having pricey eye creams if it’s not being applied effectively? Oh yeah, I don’t know if any of you have ever smoked. I’m guessing that you’re too smart to do that and have never had a puff. If you have maybe had a lapse, the Michael Todd True Organic Eye-O-Sonic Infusion is also great for those pesky “old lady smoker lines” that can appear above the lips.

Also, it’s relaxing and it feels good. The eye wand. Sheesh people!

The best part (besides it reducing puffiness, lines, dark circles and making your product more effective?) The cost. This device is going to last you a very long time, it works better and is half the price of competitior’s. The smooth tip makes the application a snap! There’s no messy compartments to fill.

I have to go practice for Extra! Now. I haven’t been on live TV since 2010. I’ve never been on live TV, with an audience on a stage at a mall. After that though, I can pretty confidently say I’ve almost done it all. While I’ve been doing it I’ve been able to laugh and smile. Thanks Michael Todd True Organics Eye-O-Sonic, now I still can!

How about you? Have you tried any skincare devices? What ones and what did you think?



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