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Well, isn’t this wonderful! Thanks China. China has never been high on human rights issues so really, why would I think that animals would even stand a chance? Before we get to whats happening with your hard earned cosmetic dollars. Let’s look at how the Chinese treat women, then we’ll get to the treatment of animals and how, unknowingly, your cosmetic choices are supporting this behavior.

1. Wife Abuse is a “family matter.” You think? Thanks genius. I thought that was implied with the term “wife.” Once you add the word “beatings” I would imagine a third party would step in. However, I’m only a woman so what do I know?

In some parts of China, it is acceptable to beat your wife. If you want to leave? Well, good luck with that, there are zero shelters to go to.

2. Abduction and Trafficking of Women. Buy one and get a marriage license. Yes! Win, Win! Men that can provide a marriage license do not get prosecuted for abuse because, duh, they’re your owner.

3. Have a baby girl? Poor you. China’s practice allows urban dwellers one child. Guess how high a baby girl ranks? Yup, forget abortion. Just get rid of it. Even after it is born. The more industrious Chinese couple can make a quick buck. The going rate to foreigners for a Chinese baby girl? Less than a Chanel bag. If you have $3,000 you can have one.

I’m not hating on the residents. I’m hating on the government. I’m also thanking my lucky stars I was born in America. Knowing that they have such high regard for human life is, it any wonder there is zero regard for animal life? Suspend your disbelief, the cruelty that China shows animals is jaw dropping. So jaw dropping that no self respecting American company would tolerate it. No established, money making conglomerate, would knowingly be a part of this culture. A mentality where women’s rights are questionable and animals are abused. Be ready to check your cosmetics bag because I have some bad news for you.


Courtesy of a new article on Take Part- Avon, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder have resumed testing on LIVE animals in China. Yup, I guess you go where the labor is cheap. Think about how many brands Estee Lauder carries? It’s not just rats people, it’s also dogs. Dogs and cats and bunnies that are put through torture to make sure your mascara chemicals wont irritate. Let’s shoot it into the pupils of this strapped down beagle and see how he feels after two weeks. We’ll then torture him some more with tests that we wouldn’t perform on the most violent terrorist. Once he’s no good to our cruel experiments we’ll kill him. So much for man’s best friend. Gives new meaning to “the price of beauty” 

I’m going to ask you to pay a little bit more to not support this type of behavior. I’m going to really hurt my pocketbook but really help my karma. I, Megan O’Brien, of somewhat sound mind, refuses to write about, push or endorse ANY PRODUCT that tests on animals. You can only hurt these companies where it makes sense. You have to hurt their bottom line. That scream you just heard was from my accountant. It’s probably going to go away in 5 minutes, unlike the puppy with acid on its head.

My favorite companies that actually respect life? The stand out items I completely stand behind? Well, here you go.

Suki  This entire line is wonderful but if I had one Holy Grail it is the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. it’s grainy so it has strong exfoliating power but it’s not rough on delicate skin. It lathers up beautifully and the scent? The scent is absolutely delish! It’s the freshest burst of lemons. As this scrub exfoliates it also nourishes. Once you hop out of the shower your skin will be refereshed and moisturized, not to mention smooth. It leaves my legs baby skin soft. The downside? You may have to hide it. I’ve had it in my shower and everytime I pick up the jar there is a lot less in there then I’ve last remembered. It seems as though I’m not the only fan in my house. Try it once and you will be addicted!


Michael Todd True Organics Welcome the new kids on the block! Made in the USA and ultra organic! These fabulous products have just hit the market and people are going crazy for them. Not just “people” but top beauty editors are raving. MTTO doesn’t use cheap water filler in the line. The base is ultra soothing Aloe Vera Juice. They use all natural ingredients and unlike some other organic companies, they smell so yummy you’ll be tempted to eath them!


There’s 3 I can’t live without. The Organic Lemon AHA + DMAE Toner doesn’t just refresh my skin, it’s a work horse (but not like literally because we’re giving animals a break.) The Alpha Hydroxy Acid doesn’t dry out my skin, but I feel it working. It’s not a placebo effect, the overall tone of my face has evened out. I used to get a little red around the nose area, since I’ve been faithfully comitted to my toner, the redness has dissappeared. It’s not just me that is raving over this item, everyone I know that has it is obsessed! Again, the scent is completely fabulous. The lemon is so yummy it’s like dessert, but without calories. Yes, this is definitely dessert for your face. 


The Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Cleanser Really absorbs oil! I have an oily T-zone but this deep pore cleanser has completely balanced me out. It’s amazing. I have heart palpitations when I can’t find it. It dispenses so creamy but once I start massaging it on my face, I feel some secret buffing beads! I don’t know how they managed that but I’m not complaining! My pores look smaller and my blackheads how found their new, worst enemy. As if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the day it removes every trace of my makeup! I love when a product has tons of uses and actually delivers on all of them-don’t you?


Michael Todd True Organics Pearl and Silk Hydrating Mask is livening up my skin on its dryest days and every beauty editor is in awe! It smells clean and gentle, it’s luxury wrapped up with silk protein and pearl powder. This mask is safe enough for the most sensitive skin. The mask itself is pure glamour once you pump. The creamy consistency of the product is only second to the look of it! An iridescent shimmer glows onto your skin as you apply the velvety smooth mask. All of us “oohed” and “awed” over the results. Our skin looked healthier and felt amazing. We all agreed, it was like we sent our face on the most relaxing spa vacation known to man. Nevermind that it was just us on the couch!


Juice Beauty Alicia Silverstone Purely Kissable Lip Color   This collaboration came as a surprise to no one. Silverstone has long been extremely active in animal rights. Her cookbook The Kind Diet featured her vegan recipes and quickly became a bestseller. Juice Beauty has been green and earth conscious since they hit the shelves showing us that natural can work just as effective as harmful chemicals.


Vegan lipsticks can be tricky to pull off! Sometimes they leave your lips feeling more than a little dry! I am happy to report that is not the case here. The lipstick feels hydrating and Alicia was completely hands on in everything from the pale pink package to the color. “I like a natural looking lip.” Silverstone told me, and she has created one with this subtle pink. It’s most flattering, natural and sexy come hither bare! Not only is the color all hotness but the application is smooth. A staple. For anyone. 

Classified Cosmetics Aero Mineral Hydrating Spray Foundation Creator Yolanda Halston lives in Malibu with her family and her horses. She’s sweet, beautiful and probably a genius. The woman spits out patents in her sleep. Of course a lady like this is never going to test on animals. Why would she need to? I would gladly be her guinea pig. She invented spray on foundation.


(I LOVE BUFF) it‘s easy, it covers. It doesn’t clog pores. The makeup artist on Twilight ordered 1,000 cans to be used on the cast. It’s that amazing! I love that it also acts as a concealer. It’s just about layers! I spray a little on my finger and apply under my eye. I tap it into place. Next step, a shake and spray. I like to do this while my hair is still wet and up in my towel turban. It is east and I don’t get any foundation in my hairline that I have just sprayed .I just use a sponge (and in a pinch have used my fingers-that works just as well) and blend it. The whole process tkes 2 minutes and a can lasts a long time! Oh, did I mention it’s at the drugstore for under $15.


Leonor Greyl For over 40 years Leonor Greyl has been practicing responsible and ethical business. This natural hair care line is anything but hippy. This is the Rolls Royce of haircare. Long established in Europe they are now making their presence known in the US. Once, just a secret for celebrities and VIP’s, the word is getting out. The products are absolutely decadent, gorgeous and deliver amazing results!


The Reviviscence Shampoo is a celebrity cult fave. Never has such luxury been on my head. It is a favorite of those “in the know” the one time both Angie and Jen can agree. My lackluster locks look like a bazillion bucks! I guess that is what you would expect from an award winning shampoo. “The Reviviscence reconditons and restructures the most damaged hair, thus regaining strenght and vitality.” My hair feels so soft and smooth, the products look amazing on your vanity and as my roomie said “I don’t feel like I even need to use my flat iron anymore.” Leonor Greyl has changed my relationship with my hair. 


Not to be outdone is the amazing Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence de-tangling styling product. My stylist has told me that the best way to keep my extensions tangle free was to put a braid in my hair before I go to sleep at night. I try but I forget to do it more than I actually do. After a night of restless sleep my hair looks like I’ve moved into a wind tunnel. Lait Luninescence has saved me. I’ve given this item to many of my beauty editor friends (all with different hair types) and they all agree. It is a hero product that really works amazing on every type of tress. It de-tangles and smoothes, it adds shine and it protects from UV Rays. 

All of Leonor Greyl’s products are phenom. There is a reason that those with every single option available keep taking this one.


Revitalash Another company (that I will not mention) competes with Revitalash. They also use awful practices and test on animals AND they love to sue (hence the no name mention) So, let me tell you that animal friendly Revitalash’s formula WILL grow your lashes, their mascara is the blackest on the market and the brow and hair treatment works!


For those of you that do not know the back story on this amazing company, these products started as a complete labor of love. The company is founded by an ophthalmologist who’s wife was suffering from breast cancer.Through her chemo she lost allof her hair. The Dr. noticed that the patients that he treated for glaucoma were returning to his office with long, thick lashes. He quickly figured out the glaucoma medication was causing this. He’s no dummy, he quickly formulated a derivitive of the medication and handed it over to his wife. Weeks later her lashes returned. They returned longer and lusher than ever before. Revitalash was born! Not only are their products fabulous but they give away a ton of money! They have an entire page of their site devoted to showing all of the charities that they support and their philanthropy pictures! 

Urban Decay This is like the movie “Sophie’s Choice.” I don’t know how to chose ONE PRODUCT they’re all absolutely fabulous! If you don’t know this line-you are missing out! You also may be living under a rock (how exactly do you not know this line?) 


My holy grails are two products I would die without! The Primer Potion keeps my shadow on all day. It’s the 8th Wonder of the World! If you haven’t tried it you are robbing yourself. You wont know how you ever lived without it. As you all know, I’m a traveling lady. I kid you not, I got up at 5am to catch a 7am cross country flight. I arrived in NYC around 3pm, got to my friends house, we had wine and went to dinner, after dinner we went out and stayed out until after 2am. I never had to reapply my eyeshadow. It was still on, perfectly in place. Without Urban Decay Primer Potion my shadow just seems to evaporate. Everyone needs this!


I’m also a stickler for eyeliner. If your eyeliner pulls or is dry it’s going to cause under eye wrinkles. If it is too smooth it’s going to smudge. I don’t know how Urban Decay did it but they found the perfect balance with their Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil. I love how saturated the color is and how effortless the application. Like the Primer Potion, Urban Decay has perfected the liner’s staying power! It is the best  No smudge but ultimate staying power! 10 gazillion champagne flutes!


Napoleon Perdis is much too fabulous to even consider testing on animals. I have yet to try a Napoleon product that hasn’t completely bowled me over. This line is fantastic and I reach for his items constantly. The two that I notice tend to go “missing” an awful lot?


The best pressed powder you will ever use? The one my roommates and friends always hide in their room? Camera Finish-it is just that. It will last you forever. It will be your new bestie, zero shine, complete coverage, reformulated and the package is stunning.  It rocks my TV loving face! Napoleon has also incorporated anti-aging ingredients and three new shades.

I’m not normally a pressed powder type of girl. I’ve tried so many that just sort of sit in my creases but that’s really not at all the case here. Camera Finish is undetectable.


Don’t let me forget to spout off on the gloss that is my signature! Yup, the master makes my signature sexy nude pout “In The Flesh” as part of my favorite gloss collection of Luminous Lip Veils. I literally have an anxiety attack when I don’t have one on me. Scented with sweet lychee, Napoleon describes it best whe he says “Sheer, glossy shine that is truly divine!” When I’m wanting something a little more pink I really love the shade “Sugar Plum” I’m actually a huge fan of all the shades that I’ve tried. Napoleon consistently gets it right!


LORAC Carol Shaw specifically told me this “LORAC does not conduct, condone, nor endorse testing on animals!” I love LORAC, again another company that makes it more than a little difficult to narrow down to two favorites. Oh, the things I do for you people!

My entire, Irish and fair skinned life I have been searching for the most amazing bronzer. The search is over! Celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw. The owner of LORAC (her name backwards! Take that HARPO!) has made my pale life complete. Tantalized Baked Bronzer has made me sexy, sculpted and healthy looking. I absolutely adore that it can be worn not only on the face but also the body. And it is HUGE. I’ve had mine for YEARS. There is so much you could do yourself all up everyday like that tanning bed freak and still have tons left over. If you’re in the market for a bronzer I really love how this applies and its versatility.

The only other obstacle that I have climbed in my makeup life is the perfect cat eye. The winged tip sexy do-me Angelina eye. No other product has allowed me achieve this. I found it with Lorac’s Front Of The Line Pro liquid eyeliner. It instantly turns me into a makeup artist and gives me much needed control and guidance. Carol give’s a tip to place your elbow on a flate sturdy surface and use short strokes, use the tip for a think point and the side of the pen to create a thicker line.

Trust me, this rocks. You need it

Tarte is a company that has always been on the cutting edge of natural, earth engineered products. Founder Maureen Kelly was on a mission 12 years ago to not only find products that didn’t contain harmful ingredients but products that also looked cool. Just because she wanted natural didn’t mean she wanted to sacrifice stlye! When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she created it (love that).

I Love this line as an entire but if I were forced at gun point to pick two items! Well, I would turn red and blush (and then do other stuff) BUT Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush is the best blush on the market. The colors don’t scream “clown” they scream healthy and natural. You, only better. It also really lasts. This is anoter item that will last you quite a while. I only apply blush to the apples of my cheeks so I have had this compact for quite a while. Amazonian Clay is great for the skin, it minimizes oil and restores skin clarity and texture. This blush rates really high amongst the beauty editor’s as well. The color selection is also extensive so you can be as natural or as dramtic as you want. In short, all in all, its fab!

For a natural and nurturing lip color infusion where you just look like your born blessed may I suggest Tarte’s Lipsurgence Lip Tint?   These babies are always in my house. I absolutely love how nourishing they feel on my lips, in fact, with Tarte’s clinical studies, their natural lip tint actually improves skin’s moisture. Most beauty mavens are more than a little familiar with the iconic cheek stain and these yummy crayon like colors is its sister item.  I always have one in my bag. They’re versatile enough to also add a hint of cheek color love them!


I’m not saying that these are the only responsible companies on the market. There are a lot of them. These are just my picks for a perfect, cruelty free look.  There are so many other options on where to spend your hard earned dollars. The only way the behavior is going to change is if we demand it (and stop funding it.)

What do you think of my picks? How strict are you about looking at cruelty free labels? What products do you absolutely love that I left off the list?






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