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Hi there fellow bloggers! Blu’s Lee Lee here. Our Miss Meg has asked me to join in the likes of DesertDoll,ChiChi and Rachael and write up some introductions of our products. With that request started my sleepless nights, nervous stomach and anxiety to do these write ups.

It sort of reminded me of being back in college. I didn’t like it. I loved being in a sorority and all the fun that came with that. I remember my parents saying “we’re not paying for you to go to college so you can major in your sorority’s social life” (I got straight A’s in social life). Classes, writing term papers, tests- no thank you.

The girls gave me a pep talk last night and told me that I could do it! “Conquer those fears”! They said. Gulp, here goes…My subject is md Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. Who would have thought you could use a daily face peel and not have your face be a flaky mess. There is nothing worst than walking around with a pesky piece of skin hanging off the tip of your nose, “no, honest! It’s skin; it’s not from the inside!!” Almost like that famous Seinfeld episode “honest it wasn’t a pick”.

What is it with men driving around with their finger up their nose going for the gold? The other day I was stuck in LA’s lovely traffic when I looked over and there was this really hot looking guy. Then in and up went the finger, not so hot any more!

Here’s what Dr Dennis Gross has to say about md Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. ” This anti-aging product not only diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, but helps complexion problems, balances oil, tones skin and increases clarity and radiance. Plus, it proves a daily, gentle approach can give superior results vs. a harsh approach. Like exercising daily is better than a long workout once a week, it’s better to treat your skin daily

Girls please post and let us know what you thought about md Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. I believe you, it’s skin!

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