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maybelline stain

Stacy B here! What Meg and her ladies want, Meg and her ladies get. There were many comments from everyone (including Meg) on last week’s post about Maybelline’s Super Stay 14 hour Lip Stick on the lip stain that Maybelline has out now. So…ask and you shall recieve.

This week I’m reviewing Maybelline’s Super Stay 10 hour Lip Stain in Ruby Endulgence. I give it a 7.5, only dropping it a few points for lack of every day neutrals and a slight drying effect. And, ruby leads me to think ‘red’, but this was really purple!


As you may know by now, I’m honest and don’t really embarrass easily so I’m totally OK with telling you all exactly what I think and how I got there. My reviewing methods may be a little quirky, but who cares! It helps me decide on my terms if I like it, and you can all try make up tried and tested every day situations, or unconventional methods. I don’t just wear it out and make a decision, I really get creative. Like smearing cream eye shadow on my hand and seeing how many showers and hand washings it takes to get rid of it, or secretly subbing out a Dove bar for my husband’s soap and then being forced to swear to never tell his friends he used a ‘girly product’ , or, letting my three-year-old ‘play’ with mommy’s makeup to see if the containers are smash proof.


This week’s test is just as off-beat. Last week, my husband went out to dinner with some friends. My son was tucked in and I was sitting around doing nothing all by myself so I decided to play with some makeup. I experimented with some shadows, some cream blushes and the lip stain. With eyes different colors, cheeks different levels of bronze and lips with a very bold shade of purple, I looked pretty smokin’ hot. Really.  But all in the name of good reviewing, right?


I got the text that hubby was on his way home so I washed my face quickly and hopped into bed. After coming in and filling me in on the gossip, hubby says, “umm…are you wearing lip stuff? Your lips look purple.” I had to confess to my beauty salon routine and he just looked at me funny. He thought I was trying to ‘seduce’ him (I can’t even type that without laughing)…please, I’m officially 9 months pregnant and can barely waddle from my car to the office, you think a roll in the hay is on my mind??? I let him know exactly what I thought about that subject….


I’m sure he chalked up my odd behavior to pregnancy hormones or mood swings or something. It does prove that the lip stain lasts through a face wash and teeth brushing though!


The next morning I get up to get in the shower and he looks at me funny again…”did you get up early and put on lipstick again?” haha, no sweet innocent hubby, this is a lip STAIN (try to explain that difference to a guy) and I guess it really works!


My only complaints are lack of neutral, every day colors. These colors are BOLD. What you see is what you get and it’s no joke. It dulls a little after wearing it for awhile, and the shine goes away (it claims to stay shiny but it didn’t) and if you don’t layer with a chapstick or shiny gloss it dries a little. But, the colors stay pretty true. The good news is there’s practically no re-applying throughout the day. I haven’t worn this to work, it’s just too much for office wear, but the experimenting I did lasted 10-12 hours, and through at least two teeth brushings. It has a slightly earthy smell, but I have crazy pregnant lady sense of smell right now so you might not even notice.


One other thing I really did like was the applicator. It’s a sponge, which I prefer to a brush, but it is tear drop shaped. The point is perfect for precision, you can almost use it as a liner, and the hole traps more stain so the color goes on evenly and smoothly. Very inventive Maybelline!


Over all I like this, but I need better colors for my every day life. If you can pull off bold lips, go for it! Have any of you tried this?

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