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agerewindStacy B here! These last few weeks have been pretty rough, and not just because of the holidays. It’s year end for me in my full time job which means I have to do a TON of data gathering, reporting out, metrics projects, putting together presentations for the management team and answering tons of questions about everything that happened in 2011 in my group. It’s a lot and it means 2-3 weeks where I am buckled down in my desk, going cross-eyed staring at data, barely moving and just trying to stay awake.
My poor husband has been making dinner every night for me and my son (normally I cook about 4 days a week and he takes the other three. And yes, that usually means at least one or two of those nights we order in or go out!) I’d come home and he’d take one look at me and banish me to the couch with strict instructions to rest for a bit and ‘not to overwork myself since growing a human should be my number one job right now’. Ha! Yes, I’m growing a human and it’s not easy. But a supportive husband who’s not bad at cooking makes it a lot better!
On top of work stress, there’s the usual holiday stuff, events, parties, shopping, late nights wrapping and baking and dealing with a very head strong 3-year-old who just about ‘gets it’ when it comes to Christmas and is definitely getting some Santa fever along with the normal toddler defiance. This morning he told me Daddy was his best buddy, not me because I told him what to do all the time and he didn’t want to listen anymore. Thanks kid. Can’t wait to make all your Christmas dreams come true.
What’s the first thing that usually screams “I’m stressed” to the whole world? Skin. Breakouts, tired skin and my worst enemy, bags and circles under the eyes. And, OMG…I am starting to notice a few LINES around my eyes. Are you kidding me??? What a holiday surprise that was. Hopefully they are stress induced and they will go away next week when I have 9 of the next 12 days off.
I have a routine I have been using for years and years to cover the dark circles up and I’m pretty good at it. It hasn’t changed in awhile so adding a new step makes me nervous. Just to clarify, my problem is more the dark circles than bags. I don’t get very puffy, I just get that awful shadow under my eyes that might as well hold a sign that says “I haven’t had a good night sleep in weeks!”
These last few weeks I’ve been using Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer.  I’m not ashamed to admit: I’m a mean girl when it comes to eye cover-up. I’m skeptical of new products, unlikely to welcome them to my group, and search for each flaw to exploit weaknesses.
This so far has been pretty good for me. It wasn’t good enough to replace anything in my routine (yellow based concealer stick with dots of light cover up over it and a sweep of loose powder) but it has turned out to be a really good primer so the ‘routine’ is actually enhanced. It goes on so light, so smooth and blends so easily. The sponge applicator kind of creeped me out, but I don’t use it over my whole face so I’m not worried about other oils getting near my eyes, I’m definitely not sharing this with anyone and so far it hasn’t clumped or anything. I have been using it on my lids, too, as a primer and my shadows seem to be lasting longer.
The ads claim that it erases dark circles and reduces puffiness but I wouldn’t go that far. I won’t say that it doesn’t work, but it needs some help from a few other products. Even on a quick weekend errand run, I didn’t just use this, I still added some cover up on top to really banish those dreaded circles. What makes this worth it for me is how light it goes on, and how easy it comes off. No tugging on the sensitive eye skin to remove it, and even though those circles aren’t completely erased, they are definitely reduced and smoothed. My skin tone is even and I can fake being awake!  It’s small, so it’s a great on-the-go tool for pre-party touch-ups after a long day. I’m pretty happy with this as an addition to my routine (at least until I catch up on some sleep!)
Before I sign off, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. And if your Hannukah celebrations have started, I hope they are fun-filled and happy.  Enjoy your long weekends everyone!

How do your under eye concealer’s hold up? Drugstore or Department?

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