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Stacy B here! It’s really starting to look and feel like spring now, temps are consistently up, there’s no threat of that one last snow to really put everyone in a bad mood and people are starting to spend more time outside. The sun seems brighter, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping (well, except for that one that got a little lost and slammed into our picture window in the living room…sorry little guy, hope you’re OK).

While this brightens my New England soul, it does not brighten my skin yet! I feel even more wintery pale as I venture outside shocking my skin with warmer sunlight and much needed Vitamin D. I need some color! Don’t worry, I do wear sunscreen and am very careful not to burn or even get too tan, but a little sunshiney glow is necessary when you’ve been cooped up indoors all winter!

I have a couple great bronzers but my skin is still not quite ready for them yet. My best option is usually a light, slightly tinted foundation to even out my pale skin and give me a brighter complexion until the sun can do it’s magic. Unfortunately…I hate wearing foundation. It’s always felt like too much. It adds to my morning routine which I didn’t like, it feels like too much makeup, I’m terrified of that awful chin/neck foundation line and I can almost feel my pores clogging and suffocating under it. I very rarely wear it, and it’s usually a very special occassion.

Enter Maybelline’s Dream Nude Air Foam. I won’t tell you I’m a total foundation addict now, or even an every day user. But, this really felt very different to me and was bearable for a few days.

It was definitely different than any other foundation I’ve tried, it came out of the can like a very light and airy hair mousse. It was very porous and fluffy and spread easily. I could barely feel it on my skin and it evened it out just enough to make me look smooth, rested and refreshed. I followed with my normal routine of some light coverup under the eyes, a dusting of loose powder and some light bronzer. That’s when it started to feel like a bit too much for me and I could see some spots that looked a little thick for me. I’m sure NO ONE would ever notice, but I did.

This Dream Foam lasted throughout the day and I felt like it really covered. My slightly oily T-zone did get a little angry toward the end of the day and I started to worry about my pores and that I was starting to look greasy. Hubby swore I didn’t, but I’m pretty sure he had no idea what I was really asking… He’s also been overly complimentary lately since I’m still in the miserable last days of this pregnancy. 🙂

It washed off easily and after 3 or 4 days of use, my skin was still clear so the airiness must have kept my pores from clogging too much. The website says it’s so light it won’t clog pores and I believe it. It also has some SPF in it, but that baffles me since it’s IS so light and airy…how is it blocking much? I’ll still use a regular SPF on especially sunny days. 

I was impressed with this product, which adds to my admiration of just about everything new Maybelline has come out with this spring. So far it’s all been affordable, easy to get and delivers what it promises. I will not use this foundation every day, I just don’t need it and don’t really want to layer up my skin all the time, but I will not be afraid to use it for a night out, a wedding, a big day at work, or any other time I feel I need a little boost.

Have any of you been switching up your foundation with the warmer weather coming?

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