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Stacy B here! Thanks so much to everyone for your comments about little Wesley. He’s great! He’s growing and eating and sleeping like crazy. We’ve gotten really lucky and he eats around 10 pm, then 2 am and then 5:30 am which is when my husband gets up for work so we’ve been trading off. That means that just about every other night, we’re getting decent sleep!

I was also happy to see that no one criticized me for bringing make up to the hospital. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel like yourself after such a huge, life changing, amazing event! It was more about feeling like ‘me’ again than trying to impress anyone. I mean come on, I popped a kid out in less than 5 hours, that’s impressive enough! 🙂

I can’t say I’ve worn make up consistently in the last two weeks though…caring for a newborn (even a good one like we have) is a lot more time consuming than you think. Somedays it’s lunch and I’m starving and I can’t figure out what I’ve done for 3 hours! But the baby is clean, fed and happy so that’s all that matters. I’ve started venturing out a bit: grocery stores, Babies R Us, drugstores, etc, so I’ve made an effort to try and shower each day, even if I don’t wash and dry my hair.

Quick products are essential now; as much as Wesley loves hearing the water of the shower, I can’t let the poor kid nap on the bathroom floor all morning! I have been on such a roll with Maybelline, I went for their new Dream Bouncy Blush hoping it would be a great way to get some quick color on my cheeks. 

This is not the post-partum hormones talking here…I didn’t like it. It’s… weird. Great description, I know. It’s an odd consistency, like play-doh or something. I’ve never really liked any cream blush or shadows, I don’t feel like I get them on right. I also don’t like using my fingers to apply stuff too much. I worry that finger oils and bacteria will get into the make up and then on my face causing rashes or acne or something like that. I’m more comfortable with a brush I can wash regularly.

When I used a very light touch, I didn’t get much color. But when I pressed down harder, I got WAY too much and it got all goopy on my face. It is strangely bouncy, like the name suggests, so it’s hard to get the right amount because it has a give to it when you try to swipe some on your finger. And, I never knew if I was seeing color on my cheeks from the product, or from my own rubbing. It didn’t feel too oily, like some creams can, but it was still heavier than I like, and heavier than my normal powder bronzer or blush.

 As much as I’ve loved all of the new Maybelline stuff this season, this was not a winner for me. I’d like to try their Mineral Power Bronzer instead. That is more up my alley. But until then, I’m OK with little to no make up while I snuggle with my tiny little man!

Have any of you ever tried Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush? Did any of you have better luck than I?


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