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cathicklandWhat IS it about my inner-clock that goes all wonky whenever we have to Spring ahead or Fall back? Seriously,it’s like a shot of tequila or something just grabs me by the butt and start making me act like a moron! Goddess Granny here admitting that it doesn’t take much anymore for me to lose track of dates and times and sometimes I wonder if it’s really my inner-Goddess who WANTS to forget these “important” times? Like the fact that I “have to” go with Mike to his High School reunion tonight? This is one social event I WISH I could forget but he won’t let me! Wish me luck. Kiss

Here’s a date and time I’m going to insist you do your best to remember: Saturday April 3rd at 1 PM EST. Why am I asking you to tie a ribbon around your wrist if that’s what it takes to get this cemented into your pretty lil’ Megheads? Because THIS is the date and time of what is SURE to be one of THE “best” events of the season, the totally interactive free and LIVE makeup lessons given by the divine Ms. Cat Hickland on her website “Cat Cosmetics!!!”
I know you’ve seen her “Oh MY, she is SO pretty” face right here on the left-hand side of our site as well as having read more than a few reviews of her positively luscious products from many of us here and THIS will be your chance to actually see and hear this fabulous lady using her products to create looks that every one of us can wear!
I haven’t personally met Cat yet but have long been an admirer of hers on many levels: actor,  teacher, respected author, and creative entertainer, she is known to many and truly personifies the “look” of the “Girl Next Store” you WISH you lived next to! She lights up a screen and the light in her eyes seems so very true and sincere and I believe she’s someone I’d love to know! She is dear friend of Meg’s and I have heard her chat about Cat’s generosity and beautiful spirit numerous times.Not a week goes by when I don’t reach for either her AMAZING “Gorgeous” palette which pretty much can get me out the door in 5 minutes or her “Smolder Stick” for eyes that allows me to make sexy eyes in my rear view mirror (yep,I’m one of THOSE chicks who drives down the road with an eye pencil in her hand,Surprised!) Many here swear by her lipliners and glosses and honestly,if there was one line I could have everything in,it would probably be Cat’s beautifully edited one simply because what she produces works with minimal effort (aka: even the more “application challenged” among us can use!) to make anyone look prettier and more polished!

Cat relies on gorgeous neutrals and subtle shimmers with a dose of puuurfectly polished shades of pink for her magical transforming products and you know what? Even though many of us crave more drama in our makeup THESE are the colors we need in a hurry or when we just want to look like us only better when you come right down to it! From what I understand, during this live and totally interactive lesson to be give on April 3rd at 1 pm EST, you will actually be able to write in with your questions to Cat while the lesson is in progress and how cool is that???

I love that many talented with a lipstick peeps upload video makeup lessons but honestly, I usually don’t take the time to sit and watch because for me, it’s just more fun to play with something myself but to be able to ask a question WHILE the lesson is in progress? That makes me giddy and can you imagine how much info will be flying through the internet-airwaves during all this? I will update this post if any more info comes by way but at this time I know a “chatboard” will be “live” while Cat’s doing her thing…

I think the “natural but amazing” makeup look is one of THE toughest to pull of on your own, I usually muck it up with too much eyeliner or too bright a lippy so I for one am anxious to see how someone who looks like she was born “natural and flawless” like Cat does it in person! She is the one to watch as I see it. There are always some awesome discounts and specials on the site and I’m holding off until the lesson-date to see what goodness I can score! You simply cannot go wrong with anything on the site and I don’t say this crossing my fingers behind my back, It’s ALL that good!

So mark your calendars, set the date in your phones, tie ribbons on your wrists,or do whatever you must so you don’t miss this, I’ll try and make sure “reminders” are posted as well and get ready to sit in that oh so glamorous Cat-classroom on April 3rd at 1pm EST to learn how to get your gorgeous on! This is so great for many of us who don’t have access to large in-store events or who can’t access lengthy video lessons that I’m already crossing off the days until the event!

Click on the “Cat Cosmetics” tile to the left for details!

Are you a fan of online classes and video lessons? Have you ever learned something fabulous while sitting in your jammies sipping a cocktail?

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