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Meg! here filling in for our dear Gigi! You know how I totally went crazy for the mark’s dew drenched lipstick ? Well, The Flip For It Spring color Kit has me doing back handsprings.

Money is tight. Even in Beverly Hills, yesterday I was at the post office mailing out some goodies and a lady approached me. She had been hired by the Aveda salon down the street to walk up and down and offer new clients 90% OFF! The scary part of this story is that there were at least 6 women in llne with me that heard her pitch and no one went for it! This is a little bit frightening!

Goddess Granny sent me a funny saying a couple weeks back “When the economy is bad the only things that boom are salons and saloons!”
I think that makes total sense, except for my post office experience and my neighborhood watering hole. Steps from my front door is my friendly neighborhood bar Crown Bar . It’s not exactly a saloon but it hasn’t exactly been packed lately. I can’t remember the last time I saw more then two tables with bottle service going on. The land of the $12 drink is even getting hit!

I’m not trying to depress you! It’s almost Friday!Turn that frown upside down!

mark’s Flip For It! Spring Color Kit! Has Seven products for $20. A mirror and a super handy mirror! If you just had a tube of mascara in your purse, this kit is all you would need for all day touch-ups!

We were lucky enough to have Los Angeles in our launch goody bag and it is fabulous! The colors are earthy and would look great on anyone, it just takes out all of the guesswork. Any makeup newbie will look a pro!

Just flip it over and there are the colors for your kisser! All in one!

I’m totally loving this mark line! So is my bottom line!

Ladies! What do you think about mark! Flip For It! Spring Color Kit?

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