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Meg here, holidays are coming up and if you need to fill a stocking but don’t want to go with Old Spice, I’ve got a treat for you! I have a new roomie. His name is Nick and he is from NYC. Never one to miss an opportunity, I decided he would rate “man products” for the holidays. He didn’t have much of a choice, I know where he lives. So let’s welcome Nick on his first review!

Hi everyone! I just moved in with Meg and apparently along with the 12×15 bedroom and garden view, I also inherited a basketful of male products and an editorial position with Meg’s Makeup. Meg claims that I’m the first man she’s asked to contribute to “Manly Mondays” championing the under represented voice of the male hygienic perspective; however, knowing Meg, I’m hardly her first. (ha ha Nick, I never said you were the first. Keep it up though and you may be the last.) Nevertheless, I’m still honored to take on such a huge responsibility of sharing my male viewpoint on expensive sounding products with the Meg Heads…so without further ado… 

Nick here! The first product I tried and will review on this post is Jack Black’s Beard Lube.  

Finally! I’ve been waiting anxiously for Jack Black to get into this space and was so excited to try these products since I’m such a huge fan of his movies. 

To be honest, I’ve personally never ventured out of my shaving cave where I was born and bred on the Gillette brand. So I was very nervous to stray away from my roots especially when I found myself staring at something called beard lube. I’m sorry Jack, I loved you in Nacho Libre, but “beard” and “lube” are two words that organically don’t go well together. I mean most guys are worried about being judged for purchasing weird sounding condoms ( see ultra ribbed ecstasy)…you throw beard lube in the mix and all bets are off with the store clerk. Nevertheless, after getting over my initial reaction to the name, I noticed that this is in fact a 3-in-1 shaving product acting as a pre-shave oil, shave cream, and skin conditioner which is wonderful for someone like me who loves pre and post shaving products but is honestly too lazy to use them rushing in the morning. Also, I like that this product states on the front label that it contains Jojoba and Eucalyptus, which though I have no idea their actual skin benefits, it sounds expensive and salubrious (boom thank you word of the day calendar). I mean heck the most I can expect from Gillette is maybe touting aloe vera which I feel was so five years ago.

Now after using the lube for over a week, I have to say that I really like it a lot. It has a masculine aroma with hints of what I assume is eucalyptus and it goes on clear without feeling too heavy or greasy. The most addicting quality, however,is the cooling sensation from the menthol which actually seems to be infusing my face with healing oils and nutrients instead of drying my skin. And I have to say because the product goes on clear, I have missed fewer spots being able to aim the razor more precisely. Now as I sit here writing this post, with probably the softest and healthiest skin I have had since starting to shave, I can’t help but wish I could go back in the cave ignorantly shaving with thick, pore-clogging gels because it would be an easier existence….ignorance is certainly bliss. However, I have entered the light of Meg’s Makeup and there is no going back. So here I am pining away enthusiastically over more beard lube from Jack Black.

<CORRECTION> It has been brought to my attention that Jack Black is not affiliated with the actor of the same name. 

So Nick, is this something women should consider for their man’s holiday stocking?

No, if a guy likes this than his boyfriend will buy it for him!


Ha, ha. For sure. It’s a great a gift!

There you go ladies! It has Nick’s seal of approval. What “Manly” items are you eyeing?


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