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makeupforeverYou know how they say, “You must suffer for beauty…” Goddess Granny firmly believes you must also suffer for air-travel in this day and age! Without boring y’all to tears, I will simply say that my Holiday travel plans were tough to execute without losing my patience and what’s left of my mind: un-planned hours spent at JFK, lost luggage that included carefully-packed gifts, and the feeling that no matter how hard I scrubbed, the scent of cheap fast food and too many people in winter clothing would never come off my skin! I was however grateful for my iPad, my Amex card, (which granted access to the more comfortable skylounges…) and for the carefully chosen/TSA allowed cosmetics in my bag because without them, I would have truly been miserable! I would have no doubt have looked as bad as I felt when my luggage took a different trip-route along with my necessities…

It’s damn HARD if you’re a product of your products like I am to even capture the bare-basics when the “rules” insist on small sizing and textures that are more suited to baking than beauty! I manage to keep a doable “face” of sorts into a tiny MAC “Hello Kitty” cosmetic bag in my carry on which includes a Lorac brow pencil, a MAC lipliner, a Tarte eyeliner, a small tube of Tarte waterproof mascara, a Liptini lip/cheek stain, a cherry Chapstick, a tiny glass vial of scent and a small tube of concealer. Without it, I’m doomed to look like I’ve slept sitting upright under florescent lights! My Lorac compact provides powder and a great mirror and so far, this small bag has passed he toughest scrutiny and I swear by the contents: with these few items, I can honestly make myself look presentable no matter what or where so I’m stickin’ to it!

I traded out the small tube of concealer that was in my magic-bag of trix for one that Meg had recently sent to me and wow am I glad I did: I have been a HUGE fan of the Makeup Forever line of products for a long time but honestly had never tried their “Lift Concealer” before although I simply will not be without my MUFE HD Foundation which I use daily! This line is legendary for good reason as well as effective, professional-grade quality, simply the stuff of a makeup maven or artist’s dreams! Since 1984,this French-based line founded by Dany Sanz, one of the truly great makeup artists and cosmetic-visionaries has set the stage and the bar for all products colorful, glittering,and high-performance! It’s used by stage-professionals, celebrities and of course, by those of us who simply insist that our products do it all without fail! It’s absolutely one of my favorite lines and many of their pro-products simply have no rival…

MUFE “Lift Concealer” is different: It’s not a concealer that I’d personally use on my face (unless of course it’s all you have.) It’s not that heavy but rather it’s one that I find to be totally geared towards and targeted to the eye area. It contains tensine which is a an active ingredient with lifting and firming qualities as well as vitamins A and E which of course are the best at rejuvenating the skin! When I use a concealer on my face, I use one that truly covers (like MUFE’s “Full Coverage” concealer or one by “Amazing Concealer”) I WANT to get rid of spots, darker-patches, any redness and blemishes of course and need a heavier consistency that adheres well. “Lift Concealer” used around the eyes really DOES tighten, visually lift, and brighten the area as well as provide a totally smooth and flawless finish on the skin…It works great as a shadow-primer as well and the texture is much finer and more like a creamy-serum as compared to a drier more heavily-pigmented cream that I need for my overall makeup effect. You can literally apply this with a finger in a rear-view mirror if need be (although a brush works wonders…) because it’s effortless and flawless and I don’t think it’s possible to over-apply this concealer. It blends in seamlessly with just a touch and I’m here to tell y’all that it REALLY saved my appearance when I was stuck with very little because I used it whenever I felt more fatigue setting in. It managed to keep my eyes looking less frantic and more festive even through several days of horrific travel! It’s a fabulous product that I think would absolutely enhance anyone’s eyes! You can use anywhere on your face you’d like and be sure to check the shades: I’m using #2 which is actually a bit darker than #3 and #1 is really very light…

Thanks to Sephora,we have access to this FABULOUS MUFE line of products in the US so you can buy “Lift Concealer” here!

You’ve also heard me rave about their brow-products, foundation and also check out their new lipsticks! This is pro-stuff my Darlin’s and that means colors you can’t find elsewhere, formulations that last all day/night and some items like their glitters that every girl NEEDS because they simply are the BEST! 

I survived my trip, had a wonderful Holiday with my family and am totally looking forward to the BEST New Year EVER! Wishing all of you the same of course!Kiss

How do you survive what seems to be constantly challenging air- travel and what items do you find REALLY help to ease the pain the airlines and TSA put us though? A bit of scented hand cream, lots of bottled water of course, and my magic kit that includes my MUFE “Lift Concealer” kept me merry and bright for sure! 

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