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MAIBLUSHPAPERSWe chatted so many times about how we as consumers are literally in awe over the number of product choices out there, right? SO much to pick from in the world of beauty that even Goddess Granny stands there babbling to herself while trying to decide and select the simplest of items…

When a product comes along that really IS different and unique, it’s almost like you need a bit of time to absorb its true genius! The effect is has on one’s finely-tuned sense of what defines those most useful and fabulous of products that work to enhance rather than just to add yet more chaos to a vanity or makeup drawer! Sometimes things really can be uncomplicated.

Makeup artist and fashion designer Mai Tran believes like many of us Meghead’s do that “formula and packaging are two VITAL elements that make for a fabulous brand…” She has created a simple, ever so chic and classy-yet luxurious line of products that are standouts. They look beautiful and anyone can use them literally anytime with perfect results! Face “papers” that are portable in luscious little “wallets” you can pat on (no mirror required, it’s impossible to overdo!) that give you a such a glow-people will gossip Surprised) There are papers to remove oil and to add color to your face: subtle,natural color that works for all skin-tones, all ages and for all looks…sounds about perfect, right? They ARE! Sun kissed or peachy-pink, strawberry or sexy, Mai Couture’s “Blush Papers” are JUST what someone like myself who is blush-challenged NEEDS to avoid a pasty-face!

You simply tear out one of the slightly shimmery, ever so PRETTY high-quality “blush papers” and gently press onto your cheeks or face. Voile: you look refreshed and about 10 times more rested than before without having to blend. No need to try and balance a compact and brush at a stoplight. No fuss over whether or not you’ll have the dreaded “stripe” on the side of your face when you turn your head due to lack of blending:nothing but nice color that lights you up and lifts your spirits! This manner of blush-application is nothing short of remarkable! They comes in 3 yummy shades (from left to right): “Prettyful” perfect pink, “Sunset Blvd” glowing peach and “Uptown” chic lilac. There is also a bronzer and plain oil-absorbing papers and you can opt for a lovely “wallet” accessory to carry them in. I have tried and loved two of the shades and absolutely believe anyone could use any color and look great!

I dislike the word “simple” but they really ARE effortless and one of the most innovative concepts I have seen in the product-world in a long time: Mai is receiving rave reviews for her papers because they refresh and refine your skin and your look in seconds without being obvious or a challenge! 

Dare I say even men love the bronzing and blotting papers too? Very affordable and the perfect gift or favor! I hate trying to put on blush as a rule and it’s my least favorite cosmetic to shop for and use but these Blush Papers make it SO easy to add a pop of color with no blending required that I just may begin to embrace the glow and even do some things that give others a reason to blush as well! 

It’s so rare to find something that really is “new” on the cosmetic scene and although blotting papers have been used and loved for quite a while,the addition of perfectly-edited blushing color to the mix is new to me and I LOVE the results! 

Are you also blush challenged? Have you discovered a new to you product that makes application MUCH easier? 

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