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Goddess Granny here or what’s left of me in this sweltering South Texas heat! I feel a bit like the Wicked Witch lying in a sodden heap muttering “I’m MELTING” to any poor munchkin who will listen! It’s been 100+ for well over a week now and no matter how you color it,that’s flippin’ hot!
I’m grateful for the small comforts: ice cubes in everything, frozen fruit, James Perse cotton tanks ,(the best skimpy but bra-friendly cut ever!) unlimitedAC with a thermostat I can jockey up and down (husband Mike’s pet peeve!) and cool cucumber melon scented baths!This hothouse flower doesn’t go anywhere she doesn’t absolutely have to these days Cool

This kind of soggy boggy weather wrecks havoc with my sensitive skin: I do still go to the gym often but when you’re living in a constant state of stickiness and sweat, even the most perfect complexion can suffer.
I am a huge fan of scrubs,suds,and lathers of all kinds and cannot stand “low-lathering” anything…I need to FEEL and SEE that stuff I’m using is working although I do realize that today’s tech can work miracles without visable proof. Sometimes though less really IS more…
Simple white plastic jar…very basic label with cute little aloe graphic…brief “how to and ingredients” label…not much to look at but you cannot judge this humble jar on it’s looks alone! In this market of hype and over the top packaging,one would have to think that either it contains something “average” or that maybe, just maybe the product has been SO perfectly edited and perfected that it dares to enter the public eye without announcing it’s arrival in a red-carpet sort of way?
Think of it as that devestatingly beautiful woman who “downplays” her assets in order to be taken more seriously…she KNOWS she’s got it so why be arrogant about it Kiss! She’s that confident in her abilities and allure.
Magic of Aloe Honey Almond Scrub
is one of the products created by the Magic of Aloe company,founded in 1971. Yep…in this day of “don’t blink or it’s gone” products and companies, they’ve been producing one of the finest lines of all natural and organic skincare product lines on the market for that long.Aloe is one of the main ingredients and who among us hasn’t at least heard of this juicy green plant and it’s noted healing properties?:
“Aloe is the ultimate skin care treatment. It soothes, it softens and it moisturizes. These aloe vera products have the ability to penetrate the water-retaining layer of skin allowing the enzymes with in the gel to slough off dead cells, which aids in restoring the complexion. This enzyme activity has been observed to reduce and eliminate scars, liver spots, age lines and other marks and blemishes. A person with troubled skin needs the high quality therapeutic cleansing and moisturizing of Magic of Aloe product line, which includes aloe vera based moisturizer, aloe vera lotion, aloe vera gel, collagen cream, aloe vera based cosmetics, and aloe vera hair care. A person with good skin must not take that blessing for granted. Skin that is not routinely cleansed and moisturized with quality treatment products such as Magic of Aloe will show the wear and tear of father time.”

The site is very straightforward and basic and they offer sampling programs as well as specials and discounts, gift certificates,and even distributorship programs.You can even purchase their finely-crafted products wholesale in plain packaging to add your own “private label” touches to,an amazing plus for anyone who’s interesting in carrying some amazing natural products in their salon, spa or other sales venue.
When I first opened my jar of Honey Almond Scrub I wondered if I could taste it: it smelled THAT good,very creamy.moist,and fresh and the “signature” ingredients are simply: aloe vera gel,corn starch, kaolin, (natural clay) corn meal,almond meal, and honey…what’s not to gobble? Well…not so big on clay-snacking but the rest certainly would taste nice enoughWink The texture is soft and souffle-life but it has a richness to it that rivals MUCH pricer products.
They suggest you use the scrub twice a week to “remove blackheads and impurities caused by an abundance of oil secretion” or in my case common crud…I scooped a bit out and honestly used way too much the first time, a little goes a long way as it spreads so well…it’s very scrubby but not at all harsh. I applied it to a damp face and I liked playing with it so much I left it on for a bit sort of like a mask and scrubbed at it here and there! They suggest leaving it on for 10 minutes and using a circular motion to apply. I tend to play with my products. It smells SO good and it’s totally non-irritating,just leaves a very smooth and clean face behind when you remove it with a warm cloth and water.Lovely all the way around…
A very simple, fresh, ad honestly lovely approach to deep-cleansing that my sensitive skin LOVED! Nothing high-tech or with ingredients I can’t pronounce, just a beautiful combination of nature’s finest ingredients combined in a simple way that works and is a joy to use! Other companies promise and promote “purity and simplicity” but Magic of Aloe in all it’s rather homely glory is the real deal in a plain white jar!
Great pricing and they offer an amazing assortment of products which I’m sure are all as equally nice in their results.

I for one along with so many others currently am all about editing and simplifying my life and my stuff these days: I want only what is real and right,what works and what is quality and this company,with their “old school” approach to products and ingredients is cool in this respect without even trying.:)
Are you also into getting back to the “basics” of beauty these days? These products a GREAT place to start! Who else felt the Magic with Magic of Aloe?

Buy it here

Their special for July is 75% off any one product when you spend $25.00…enjoy!

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