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Caroline here! Bonjour – Finally Friday … it’s been a long week for me – boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, new apartment and a new job! This week, I have a special product from Milbar Laboratories, a lab that makes medical skin care products for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.

M Lab has a full product line, including a travel kit, but their signature product is the anti-aging skin treatment; a 2.4 fl oz sells for $260. The butterscotch colored rich cream comes straight from the Milbar Laboratories in Brussels where their “scientists create without limitation, the most efficacious and luxurious anti-aging formulations in the world”.

I had my mother test the product for a month as well. She, who is a La Prairie Nazi, was smitten as a kitten with the this product’s texture and ingredients – even now she is calling to remind me to mention the leading ingredients are sunflower seed oil and the parkii butter. She also wants me to tell you that every time I use product, my face has an “instant color and glow, evened my skin out, filled in fine lines, gave me a more youthful look and a rose colored palate that lasted through out the evening, without make-up”. Wow, Mom! Thanks! Although I guess the compliment is actually for the skin cream …

Coming from someone who has constant allergies and irritations – I was very happy to find a cream that does not hurt my eyes and make my skin itch. Funny enough, this morning, I noticed it actually says “allergy-free and irritation-free” on the website. I never really believe those words but this time, it’s for real. And that makes me feel better about everything else they say.

Any other sensitive skin ladies that love M lab?

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