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m.asanSharond here! My skin is very dry, suffers from sun damage causing spots and uneven skin tone, and is losing elasticity.   Finding products that are not only safe, but perform as advertised has been a long and expensive journey.  Thank goodness there is Meg’s to help us find just the right product for us at the perfect price.  Recently I was introduced to a German company called The Asam Cosmetic Group which was founded by Ingrid and Erich Asam in 1963.  They develop, produce and distribute innovative luxury cosmetics worldwide.  Throughout the years they have been concentrating on the anti-aging ingredients of the seed and peels of the grapes and grape seed oil amongst other plant ingredients.  M. Asam’s main objective is to combine valuable natural ingredients with the latest cosmetic innovations to counteract the signs of aging.  They have eight main product lines; classic, vinolift, aqua intense, blue dreams, lemongrass, rose, men and clear skin.

I have been using M. Asam’s Aqua Intense Hyaluron Cream with concentrated hyaluronic acid for the last three weeks.  This product is based on M. Asam’s state of the art patent pending Hyaluron Deep Moisturizing Complex (HDMC) which is important for protecting the skin and binding water.  This HDMC complex can penetrate skin more effectively than usual hyaluronic acid and helps skin retain moisture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and feeling supple and lifted.

I found this unscented cream to be lightweight and silky, easy to massage in and non greasy.  At first I was unsure if the product was producing the results they claimed.  I need not have worried.  Over time, this product produces more and better results.  My skin is now becoming smooth, moisturized and doesn’t look dry and wrinkled like it did before.  I have not noticed my skin tone to even out, though I feel this will take longer than three weeks.  What proved to me the product was working was when I applied it after using Murad’s Pomegranate exfoliating mask.  While the mask was on, my skin started to tingle.  After washing off, I applied the Aqua Intense and soon I could actually feel my skin tightening, the lines diminished while still was feeling supple and hydrated.  I was standing there in front of the mirror almost in shock while this transformation was happening.  I have never had a product do this to me before. Needless to say, I was sold. I feel that if I continue to use this product as instructed and exfoliate two or three times a week that I will achieve the results M. Asam claim are possible.  This product is to be massaged into cleansed face and neck morning and evening which means not having to buy two products.  Always wear a sun screen if you are using hyaluronic acid products.

You can buy M. Asam’s 1.69 ounce Aqua Intense Hyaluron Cream on HSN for under $35.00.  I have not ordered from HSN therefore I can not comment on shipping charges, packing or shipping time.  Give this product a try; I do not think you will be disappointed.

Any other HSN or M Asam fans out there? What did you think of their Intense Cream?

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