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hydrating milkSweetassgal here indulging in a kind of odd menage a’trois this weekend.  Just my jewel studded hot pink platforms, L’uvalla and XANADU for one HOT weekend of fashion, roller disco and organic fun!  So today my friends…you are getting a review two-fer.  
There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING I’ve seen in the theater in years that made me laugh more than Xanadu did this weekend.  Forget the cheesy 80’s flick (I still love you Olivia!) because this is an experience on its own level.  From the out and out FAB 80’s costumes, to singing Greek Muse’s on roller skates, and at least 20 disco balls illuminating a cast full of spandex clad dancers all yelling “whoo whoo” to the tune of roller disco classics…it was just hysterical spoofing from beginning to end.  This play, like myself…never takes itself too seriously and delights in making fun of its own craziness!  I laughed so hard at one point my The Balm Johnny Fine Tune mascara was streaming down my cheeks.  Well…almost.  That fab mascara stayed but the tears were definitely there!  RUN, don’t walk to this show if it comes to your town.  And never will the words, “BITCH, I don’t know your life” make you laugh more.  
Now, you should all know that I believe in dressing for the theater.  I know it’s old fashioned but I believe going to the theater should be an experience and a part of that is dolling up for the occasion.  We seem to have less and less reasons to do so nowadays so when I get the chance I take advantage of it.  Big hair, full makeup (thanks to and some disco worthy shoes all made their appearance as the spotlight came up on Sonny Malone’s skin tight jean cutoff clad butt!  Xana-don’t…uh uh…Xana-DO!  So when I got home that night I was ready to de-shalaque my face and settle in for a night of soft skin and free breathing pores.  The perfect solution…L’uvalla’s Hydrating Milk Cleanser!
Winter wind, cold temperatures, less moisture in the air all add up to drier skin during Musical Theater season here in Sactown.  L’uvalla’s Hydrating Milk Cleanser is the perfect solution to moisture craving skin this time of year.  I reviewed the beautifully bottled gentle foaming cleanser last year and so I almost forgot I had a great option #2 to explore.  I broke it out earlier this season when my last Meg’s organic face wash ran out and it was the perfect time to incorporate this rich and emollient cleanser into my rotation.  I have to say I really love the scent, the cool cleanser refreshes my tired skin and it removes every stitch of face makeup without having to use an eye makeup remover first.  Plus, it doesn’t sting my eyes AT ALL!  This is most likely due to the fact that it is a “Vegan cleanser that removes dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping vital moisture from dry or mature skin. Formulated with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents like Wild Chamomile, Passionflower, and Lotus Extract, it calms and soothes your skin while providing intense hydration. Meadowsweet, a natural source of Beta Hydroxy Acid, leaves your skin refreshed and clean without the residue left by other milk cleansers. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, ingredients such as Hazelnut and Sunflower lock in moisture while rejuvenating the skin. “

Certified Organic, Vegan, cruelty free, certified sustainable, and fair trade…this is one of the best milk cleansers I’ve ever used.  I’d put it up against Decleor’s milk cleanser which is a makeup review site favorite time and again and a previous fav of mine.  L’uvalla’s Milk Cleanser has all the moisturizing properties you’d expect from this type of cleanser but with the added benefits of having a cleansing conscience.

L’uvalla’s mission is all about balance and expanding holistic mindfulness by providing pathways, products, and services for personal and social transformation.  For Green Chi Tuesdays these are JUST the kind of companies we here at Megsmakeup love to bring to our readers.  I for one wish we could find more products that blend a social conscience with products that really WORK!
I know a lot of people got this with their MMU points so I’d love to hear what they think.  I have easily redness prone and sensitive skin and this soothed it greatly while really bumping up the moisture factor.  I have to say I can fully recommend this for parched winter skin as much as I can recommend a jaunt to your closest Broadway Musical theater venue to catch Xanadu when it comes nearby.  My family drove four hours for the experience and I can say without a doubt…WHAT an experience it was!  Xanadu and L’uvalla…how I love thee both!  GLAM ON!

Who else is a big L’uvalla fan?

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