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luavellaSweetassgal wishing everyone a very Happy upcoming Thanksgiving.  Looking through my latest mailing from Meg I must say I have lots and lots to be thankful for.  She has been such a blessing to me and so generous with the plethora of wonderful products she sends me to try out.  Honestly, sometimes I almost feel a little guilty!  I’m just a spoiled brat when it comes to beauty products but to my credit I must say I appreciate every last bottle, tube and jar that is bestowed to me.
So with all of these great products to chose from how do you decide what to use first?  Well, being a girl who responds greatly to an aesthetic I have to say I go straight to the prettiest package.  In my last mailing that was invariably my beautiful blue bottle of L’uvalla Certified Organic Foaming Facial Cleanser.  This bottle is SO pretty you’d be hard pressed to want to throw it away.  I’m quite sure I’ll be finding another way to use the deep cobalt blue glass…even if its just putting it up on the shelf above my tub.  But will something so pretty on the outside measure up to my expectations on the inside?  I needed to find out more.
Straight to I found out the beautiful truth behind the beautiful blue bottle.  This is an incredible company!  L’uvalla is a line of 100% certified organic skin care that came from the idea of Yuvalla.  “The founding principle of Yuvalla is to connect the world’s people by melding the philosophies of the east and the west. The mission is to expand holistic mindfulness by providing pathways, products, and services for personal and social transformation. Yuvalla will provide tools and resources that also support sustainable living, responsible capitalism, holistic health, and environmental responsibility.”  This very spiritual and highly evolved way of “authentic living” believes in a way of life that is mindful, healthy, balanced, and beautiful.  The result is a luxurious and yet responsible line of certified organic, sustainable, cruelty free, vegan products that are completely free of all of our usual nasty suspects.  All around…this is just a completely gorgeous concept and one I wish to adopt more closely into my life.
L’uvalla’s Foaming Facial cleanser contains Billberry and Lotus flower which packs a Vitamin C punch along with antioxidants to help fight the aging process.  The light, organic liquid has an aromatic blending of Madder Root extract and Rose Geranium Flower Oil all which blend together into a spa like scent.  This was very evident to me when I first poured out too much.  It really is a liquid…not a gel or a cream…so be careful when using it and I recommend applying with a cotton pad or washcloth to lessen waste.  I even used it to take off my makeup and it didn’t sting but I did still have a little residual eyeliner smudge left.  It cleanses well without stripping and left my skin still hydrated.  This is a very light cleanser and probably works best for someone with normal to mildly combo skin.  L’uvalla also carries a Hydrating Milk Cleanser which I am DYING to try after a week in the drying desert for Thanksgiving.  That would be the way to go for those who have dry skin and need a moisture boost.  I love the organic properties of this cleanser and would like to explore the rest of the line to see what else they have to offer.
If looking for a certified organic cleanser, this is nice option to go with if you don’t need a heavy duty cleanser.  I would like to see the formula come in a thicker consistency and I didn’t really see the “foaming” capabilities but no foam aside this is a likeable cleanser that looks beautiful on your vanity and leaves nothing nasty behind when the job is done.  Like I said…the Hydrating Milk Cleanser will get a full week of my love and devotion so I’ll report back my findings on that.  Until then, I’ll be making a concerted effort towards my own version of authentic living tearing down the sand trails of the Nevada desert in my new Polaris Razr by day and pampering my skin with L’uvalla 100% Organic Skincare at night.  GLAM ON!!!!

Who else has tried the organic beauty that is L’uvalla?

Check it out here!

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