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lushStylemama here! I bet you ladies would be surprised at how often I think about you. You are a unique, intelligent, hilarious group of women. Words are powerful and yours really make their mark. In a nutshell, I’m grateful to Meg, the writers, and every single Meghead out there that brings truth and insight to I didn’t want one more day to pass in 2010 without putting that out there.

On to the goods…

Sometimes the best things in life come in pairs or in this case come from LUSH. I’m excited to share two of my all time favorite, skin-loving, yummy-smelling bath products.

The first layer of YUM is a delightful massage bar aptly named Strawberry Feels Forever. Call me crazy, but I use it as a daily moisturizer. And, since I am a repeat title-holder for, Driest Skin On The Planet Lady, I can say with total confidence that this is the best defense, dare I say, cure for dry skin out there. Plus, it’s all natural and filled to the brim with all the greatest ingredients. I’m talking about Shea and Cocoa Butters, Coconut and Bergamot Oils and of course fresh strawberries, just to name a few! According to LUSH, using this “Is like rolling in a field of strawberries without the sticky mess…” Yeah, that about covers it.

The trick is to use this heart shaped bar of heaven while you are still wet from your shower or bath (I know, not everyone has a bathtub, so lucky you, this is an equal opportunity bathing product.) To use, simply palm the heart shaped bar and gently rub it all over your entire body from the neck down. It’s magnificent at soothing razor burn and calming irritants like KP. In fact, my winter skin looks like tropical summer skin, minus the fake tan. Trust me, you are going to want this delightful scent attached to every square inch of your hot bod, pits and all. Fear not, this strawberry isn’t sickly sweet and doesn’t smell like something out of a cartoon. It’s pure and sweet all at the same time.  Not that I have yet, but you can also use this in place of massage oil.  This requires heating it prior to application. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m sure you can let your imaginations wander, I bet there are lots of places you can come up with to generate some serious heat.  😉

The second layer of my heavenly concoction has even been featured in a past review, it’s our beloved Silky Underwear Dusting Powder.  (I know that got Sweetassgal‘s attention!)  LUSH has perfected their dusting powder by making it smell incredible without sacrificing any moisturizing or traditional dusting powder qualities. It’s made with things like Jasmine Absolute, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Vetivert Oil, and of course Corn Starch.

For practical purposes, I keep my powder in a larger container to address spillage and then apply it with a large powder make up brush.  Because it’s a dusting powder, it really does help combat perspiration. After all, sweat is pretty much a deal-breaker when it comes to staying sweetly scented. Like the massage bar, it’s also great at keeping razor burn away. Somehow, something magical (probably chemical) happens when you dust this powder over a nice layer of Strawberry Feels Forever…

I’m completely hooked!  Both products work effortlessly at achieving the same goal: soft, smooth, dry, deliciously scented skin! In fact, I’m so afraid of running out that I always order two at a time. Going without is not an option, neither is that nasty “out of stock” icon.

I’m guessing that by the time I’m through with you my “Strawberry Underwear” concoction will be a staple in your arsenal as well. Your dry skin will be a thing of the past and you’ll smell so nice that even your dirty laundry will start getting compliments. Even better, “They” have finally asked that I relinquish my title as Driest Skin On The Planet Lady. Any takers?

Who else loves to layer their LUSH? 
What are your secret recipes?

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