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Sweetassgal here MUCH more relaxed and better equipped to handle life this week than I was in my recent “stress marathon”.  I was serious when I said I needed to find something…anything…to relieve my stress or else I would’ve ended up running down the street in my bathrobe with toilet brush in hand screaming inaudible obscenities ala’ Cameron Diaz in “Very Bad Things”.  Very bad thing indeed!  That’s not for this gal (though I love that wicked movie!).

So what am I doing differently that’s bringing true value and peace of mind/body to my life?

First off…Yoga.  It has only been a week but I’ve done it every day (sometimes twice for morning and before bed) and I can’t begin to tell you how much more relaxed I’ve been.  I don’t rush around the house like a mad woman in the morning.  I glide…effortlessly and without my typical frenzied malice.  I breathe…the kind of deep, penetrating cleansing breaths that make you aware of every fiber of your being.  I drink decaf herbal tea…no more caffeinated drinks for me right now and I make it an experience; not slamming down a cup of Java-Joe while I eat my toast over the sink.  I use essential oils.  In my bath, on my body, throughout my house and at work in places where I need to feel centered.  I take time to be with just me.  Yes Megheads…I’m being selfish.  And I’ve earned it.

The ONE area I will not pare down is of course makeup.  If my vanity is any indication of that then all one needs to do is peek in my bathroom to survey the extreme folly of my affliction.  But I have become a fan of products that do 3-in-1 or make some aspect of my life simpler so it is that which I will focus on today.  

Lumene is a company I’ve been a warm fan of for a while now (their Vitamin C Radiant Drops are not to be missed…LOVE THEM) but they aren’t exactly “green”.  Kind of more sagey-grey.  So just for today its Sagey-grey Chi Tuesdays…ok?!  They do use wonderful natural ingredients such as hand-picked wild, arctic berries in their beauty products.  Based in Finland, they also use ingredients like arctic peat, arctic linen, arctic birch, arctic heather and arctic minerals.  Lumene believes in sustainability, sustainable production and minimal waste while not testing on animals.  All of which is well and good and I applaud those efforts.  However, most do contain parabens and though they strive for 80% use of natural ingredients; those ingredients are in no way certified organic.  

Alongside the Vit C drops I always keep a pack of Lumene’s Express Touch Cleansing Wipes around.  These little self seal packets of 10 wipes are perfect for keeping in your car, gym bag or even in your potting shed outside for those sweltering summer days.  I have little stashes all over.  Containing Oat milk and no alcohol they are super soft, mildly cleansing and very, very hydrating.  I really like them for on the go touch ups when I don’t want to remove my eye makeup but I do need a skin pick me up after working out or just working hard.  I hate to feel sweaty on my face and these do the trick in a snap…and much better than a face full of scratchy gym paper towels!  It says online that they even remove waterproof makeup but I think that’s going too far.  I don’t actually find them that effective on heavy eye makeup so I don’t rely on them for morning and night cleansing.  Just when I need a “fresh canvas” in the day time.  Oh…and if I’m carrying around a little afternoon funk during a Sac summer I break one out to hit the pits!  I look funny doing that in the bathroom at work but I smell powder fresh all day.  I know a few people that I’d be GLAD to lend a pack to!

Find ways to eliminate what isn’t needed in your life and find products like Lumene’s wipes that enhance it.  I’m defining “value” quite differently these days.  It’s not the $2.99 for a pack of 10 that is the value…it’s the way they make me feel when I’ve accomplished a tough chore outside and reward my skin with a soft bath of Oat milk loveliness!  Reward yourself.  Be it with Yoga, scented oils and candles, a darling new lip gloss or just a few minutes ALONE to “be with myself and center, clarity, peace, serenity” (hhmmm…is Fergie able do that when Josh is around to distract her!?) I beseech you to carve out these kinds of moments for yourself.  Especially our Megs Mom’s who have the hardest job in the world.  But trust me; if you don’t take care of yourself just a little…you won’t be around mentally to take care of them A LOT!  The light within me honors the light within you.  Namaste and GLAM ON!!!

Any other yogi’s out there? Who loves Lumene?

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