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Jeanasina here! Rumpelstiltskin was probably a good candidate for L’Oreal’s new COLLAGEN Moisture Filler! I’m not sure, but if somebody back in storybook times named their child Rumpelstiltskin, it was probably because there was some seriously rumpled up skin on the child!

When you just read the word Rumpelstiltskin, for SURE, your immediate mind image was not pretty right?  The creature I envision was born with
saggy pockets of skin all over his face  – one nasty face indeed!  Well L’Oreal has come out with a new line of product called Collagen Moisture Filler!  I bet they have been testing it on the rumple guy himself!   His face could probably endure YEARS of testing! I have been watching their compelling ads on the television. As a matter of fact, every time this ad comes on the TV I have to stop and watch it! I know it is absolutely crazy of me to think that THIS time, THIS product will bring me back my lost Collagen! But honey, I start to believe!! I zero in on every sentence they are using to convince me that this stuff is going to WORK! YES LADIES!!! THIS TIME IT’S GONNA WORK! I’m hoping that, probably, after about three days of using this cream, my own friend’s will barely be able to recognize me! It’s going to work THIS TIME right?!

Ok, so this is going to be happening right now while you are reading this…it will almost be like you are here! Going into the bathroom now and going toward this miracle working, loose skin tightening MIRACLE in a purple container! Talk amongst yourselves until I get back. If you hear me yell or scream, it will ONLY be because I put this cream on my face and then turned and looked into the mirror and was YOUNG again…with FIRM skin again! THEN, and only THEN will I be screaming the brand name of this particular cream I’m about to try and saying YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BUY THIS!

So…I’m back! I bet you hardly recognized me right? I bet you are just dying to ask me what I have done to my face! Does it look tight yet? You know, on the down side, IF this COLLAGEN really makes your skin get tight again (just watch the commercial!) Anyway…if this COLLAGEN really makes your skin get tight – WHAT IF something went haywire with one of the batches of COLLAGEN cream because the plant hired a diabolical potion maker who tampered with one of the batches of COLLAGEN and he didn’t put any ‘use by’ date on it so maybe, just maybe THAT batch will OVERTIGHTEN your skin! How creepy would THAT be? I’m sure that’s not going to happen to anybody any of us right?

So the moisturizer smells really nice!   I massaged it into my face in a sensual manner so the vibes that this is going to be an INCREDIBLE experience for my face came across to my skin! I loved gliding it into my face! It was a pleasure to put it on my skin! That’s a good sign isn’t it?

The box says “VISIBLE RESULTS IMMEDIATELY: skin is hydrated for 24 hours” I keep feeling my face and I think that could be true. AFTER ONE WEEK: “Skin appears healthier in 96% of women”! So ladies, I think I should let this stuff ride my face for a week and THEN – mirror scrutiny time and following report!

I wonder if the sound of the “restoration of my skin’s cushion” and the “smoothing of my wrinkles” will keep me awake tonight!? It would be super creepy if I could ‘hear’ it working!   You gotta love an off the wall review now and then right?

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