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towelettesHello ladies! Eleni here about to share my latest drugstore find!
Truth is, I’m not really proud of the way I pick books, men or cosmetics.
Yes, I judge by the cover. After sampling my goodlooking find of course I might not end up reading it, dating it or putting it on my face – but if the packaging is ugly, it wouldn’t stand a chance. When all of you responsible Megheads come to and read reviews and discuss if and how a product works before you make a well informed decission and buy it, I just run around in the store grabbing whatever catched my eye and saying “shiiinnnnnnnyyyyy” in Gollum voice.

You can imagine my excitement when I first saw the very pink and very shiny pack of L’Oreal Skin Genesis micro-smoothing wet cleansing towelettes. Went totally Gollum on them. Problem is that although they only cost $8, it still felt weird leaving CVS with only one item and having spent almost ten dollars! That’s how drugstores spoil you. You might go to Nordstrom and feel like it’s ok to spend fourty dollars on a body cream, but then you leave CVS with an eight dollar product and you feel like you’ve been robbed. Thank god these towelettes turned out so good!

They smell amazing. I can’t really describe it, it’s clean and fruity and it reminds me of the ’90s in a way. The packaging obviously looks amazing (duh?) but it also is very practical. It has a plastic lid on top that seals the pack firmly so that the remaining wipes preserve their moisture for a long time. Also, these towelettes have a texture that cleans the skin perfectly! It’s like a mini exfoliating session every time you take your makeup off, but they are also very gentle, they don’t create any kind of irritation or redness. The best part though is the morning after. There were nights that I took my makeup off using the L’Oreal wipes and didn’t bother using a cream afterwards. Still, the next morning, my skin was glowing! Girls, I don’t know if you’re taking notes here, we’re talking about an amazing product!

I still have a few towelettes left, but I’m soon gonna go down to CVS and restock – I’d have a panic attack if I was left without! 
Thankfully, the L’Oreal toweletts are totally worth the little fortune I spend on them.

Has any of you tried this shiny pink miracle?
What did you think? Don’t you just love seeing it on your nightstand?

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