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Stacy B here! As happy as I’ve been with my new Maybelline spring products, I’m going to take a break from them. I have a few more, don’t worry, but I need a little change, it’s really springtime now! The seasons are changing, the flowers are blooming, it’s almost Easter and my three-year-old is potty trained! Getting away from diapers is a huge change (and wallet saver). Of course, within the next 2-3 weeks I’ll be right back in diapers with a newborn but everything’s cute in newborn sizes!

 Spring brings out lighter, brighter colors and the urge to try new things, or at least give a little boost to your old favorites. I’ve always stuck with powder eye shadows until this spring. I’ve tried a few cream shadows lately and I’m not totally sold. I think they can tug on delicate eye skin if they aren’t smooth enough, but if they are too smooth and slick, they can crease and run. I’m not the best at applying them either, brushes are tough and my fingers aren’t precise enough. Plus then I have shadow all over my fingers and I worry that I’ve smeared finger oils all over my eyes.

 I found a cream shadow that promised to be a hyrid between a powder and a cream. And, it’s supposed to last 24 hours. Why you would need shadow for a full 24 hours I’m not sure. My college self might have known, but a pregnant almost mother of two sees no need for it. Oh, how far I’ve fallen.

At least I can dress the part, even if I wash it off after 12 hours or so. And yes, L’Oreal’s Infallible 24 Hour Sunshine did need to be washed of after 12 hours. I didn’t put it to a full 24 hour test but it was still going strong after a full day.I tried Eternal Sunshine and I loved it! Shimmery gold, right up my alley. Great alone or over a brown or taupe shade.


According to the website, it ‘fuses the ease of a powder with the velvety caress of a cream”. Aside from the cheeky marketing copy it’s pretty true. It’s creamy but has a soft powdery feel. It went on smooth without tugging and immediately felt powdery. It didn’t have that wet feel at first that some creams can have. It definitely lasted too, and was shimmery without falling down my face throughout the day. The pigment was strong, I did pick a lighter color so it was light but the quality of the product led me to believe if I chose a darker shade it would have remained pretty true to the advertised color.

 It wasn’t too hard to get off, no tugging on my fragile eye skin. It really brigtened up my eyes, too. Made me feel awake, rested and excited for the day. Three things I have not been in a while!

 I don’t think I can claim to be a cream shadow convert, but this product was a keeper. I felt more comfortable applying and wearing this than a straight cream shadow and I think it lasted longer than a straight powder shadow. Typical coming from me, the girl who loves to combine products and mix and match likes the shadow that does the same thing! Maybe that’s my marketing weakness…combined products! That, and a spoonful of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips…I am still pregnant after all….

Who else loves cream shadows?

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