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Meg here! It was a gorgeous fall Friday and I really wanted to show off Lorac’s amazing limited edition “Private Affair.” I have been shouting from the rooftops that this fall Purple is paramount! Get out your plums, eggplants and aubergines! You’ll be needing them!

Carol Shaw is the creator of LORAC and is super cool. How cool? Well, she’s on every celebrities speed dial! Carol and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful fall day and shoot our segment in a public park. Just a normal day, right? When you’re with Carol Shaw you see her normal day is every man’s fantasy day. Yup, minding my own business and I hear “Carol?!?! Oh my gosh, how are you?” Then a scene from a Pepsi commercial takes place. Miss Supermodel of THE WORLD, the Miss CINDY CRAWFORD runs up and starts chatting. Carol introduces me and then we’re all just chatting, just shooting the shit…With Cindy Crawford. Carol doesn’t bat a lash or even thinks it’s a bit out of the ordinary. I guess that’s what life is like for Hollywood’s Red Carpet Makeup Queen.

LORAC has brought us “Private Affair Palette”. Carol has taken her six favorite shades for this fall (guess what, I do happen to know my stuff-they’re all in the purple family!) The shades themselves are extremely pigmented. They’re all incredibly wearable whether day or night and completely on trend!The supple merlot colored faux croc case is insta-glamour but it holds secrets as all glamour gals should! There is a side compartment that pulls out to hold the silkiest eye primer (I cannot stress enough how much longer your shadow will wear with primer!) It even comes with the best multi-functional softest mini-professional application brush. This is no cheapo spongey applicator. I hate those damn things. My sponge always falls off and then I nearly poke my eye out with the plastic pointer! No need for caution with Lorac’s perfect precision tools.

You can see from the video how much I really love Carol. Talking to Carol Shaw is like talking to a girlfriend. A girlfriend that probably wishes she carries a sock with her at all times to stick in my pie-hole when I constantly interrupt! Sorry about that Carol!Kiss

Private Affair is ONLY at Sephora and Limited Edition means for a Limited time! You get 8 amazing items, a great case and a huge mirror-$160 value but this case is only $38! I don’t think this affair is going to stay private for long at that price!

How purple are you going for fall? Eyes, Lips and nails are the current purple passion! How awesome are both Carol Shaw and LORAC !?

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