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loracpowderWhen I think of how best to say, “I’m sort of a big deal…”, I think of a RED CARPET! Goddess Granny has seen this tradition, cultural-reference and sometimes overused “symbol of importance” show up in many ways throughout my life. When I tried to find out how exactly it came into use, I discovered that there are as many opinions as to the origin OF this carpet as there are ways to use it! Some date it back to very early royal beginnings, it is mentioned in wedding traditions of Celtic descent and often credit is given to it’s initial roll-out during an event in the 1930’s at the “Egyptian Theater” in Hollywood! No matter how it began,it is a symbol we know to define respect and that creates a modern-day mystique of glamour and excitement!

I’m anxiously waiting for our Meg to report from the red carpet at the EMMY’S this weekend! Seriously, I can’t keep up with her virtually let alone in reality! I know she’s probably getting dolled-up and obsessing over what to wear as well. She’s stuffing insoles in those killer heels in an effort to make racing after THE gorgeous celebs a bit more comfortable! When it comes to creating THE looks that get the attention, there are many who deserve  credit! It’s hard work creating the “illusion of perfection” and until you actually get to experience what goes on behind the scenes to insure that when the cameras flash the results are amazing, you imagine it to be effortless!

Carol Shaw, the genius behind our adored “Lorac” brand is one of THE premiere and most exclusive makeup artists in the world! The products she creates give all of us the chance to look just as lovely…she IS the “Red Carpet Authority” on beauty and looking divine! Her fresh, innovative and “doable” beauty-looks are based on the exact products she uses to insure that Hollywood’s MOST notable celebs are the focus of all eyes on and off that carpet!

I’ve shared with you the story of my “flash mob selling” of Lorac’s amazing “3D Lipgloss” last year. When I approach the counter now, I try to keep a lower profile until I check their back-stockKiss I never realized before that women WILL undermine each other to buy a lipgoss and I honestly can’t blame them in this case!

The change of season always confuses my skin: it doesn’t know what it’s expected to do so it rebels! Recently I needed more than my usual coverage, probably due to travel, the flu and maybe a bit of neglect? The horror…Because I am SO confident in the treatment-based purity and effectiveness of everything in the Lorac line! I ran to find something to help and discovered the newest product created with perfection in mind! Lorac’s “POREfection Baked Perfecting Powder” is THE most modern and beautiful re-definition of “powder. The non-drying, fragrance and paraben free formula contains soothing salicylic acid and antioxidants to keep your complexion smooth and fresh and the brilliant new tech used to create this gorgeous formula is a treatment for ALL skin types, including the most sensitive, acne-prone and aging!

I love Lorac packaging: it’s classy and substantial and this compact is both retro and chic! The powder is in the form of a baked “dome” so combined with a larger case you get a LOT of value for the price and it doesn’t appear or act like other powders! It gives you no fallout, flaking or caking! You can sweep it on with a large brush and it covers, diffuses light and smooths without sinking into anything! It shouldn’t with amazing results! I love the shade-choices Lorac products offer because they are yellow-based and VERY skin color true! This powder comes in 5 shades (which is unheard of!) and number #2 is my saving-skin grace! It does such a great job of “fixing your skin” that most days. I can get by with this alone on top of a bit of coverup without fear of anything ugly peeking through!

I’ve used this product daily for over a month and only the very top of the “dome” shows wear…you need very little to make a huge difference in your look and it really DOES “perfect!” Although it’s a powder, I’m declaring it to be much more. If you love to look flawless with little effort or even if you need just a little more potential perfection to insure all-day confidence, this IS the latest and greatest product to try!!! It stays put all day,through a workout and is just SO fabulous!

Buy it here and of course, prepare to get lost for an hour on Lorac’s amazing site FULL of tips and must-have’s! :

I know many of us LOVE Lorac! Have you tried their fabulous products for the face? Do you also rely on a “powder” to set and perfect your look? I can’t being to imagine a better one than POREfection!

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