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LORACDUOIs it just me or does it seem like along with SO many beauty products to chose from that you almost have to dip into your trust fund to PAY for an excursion to your local beauty counter? Goddess Granny doesn’t have a trust fund either so although I’m more than willing to pay for “the good stuff” I also am really into getting the most value for my higher-end products as possible as well! It just kills me sometimes when the salesperson (and you know who you are!) Tries to load up your poor lil’ face with so many “layers” of product and makeup that you have to start tapping out a list of “how and in what order to apply” into your phone while she’s doing it? Crazy…I agree! Do we really need so much to get the “basic job” done? I need to cover, smooth, shine a bit, and run!

So when a totally novel product shows up that actually is designed not only to multi-task but also really does the job beautifully without whining, I am smitten…deeply and profoundly,Kiss! I LOVE the new “Double Feature Concealer/Highlighter”created by our beautiful friend Carol Shaw over at LORAC (how DOES she keep dreaming up this genius-stuff?) in a way that’s usually reserved for people who buy me jewelry! You’ll notice right from the git-go that even the packaging is unique: a super-cool sort of trifold package that contains the product on one end and opens to give you a “how to use” along with photos inside! This is good: I could give this to the most makeup-challenged of friends and NOT get that annoying,“Gee it’s so nice but what do I DO with it” phone call. Really novel in it’s presentation and grabs your attention for sure! Many Meg-heads already adore SO many of Carol’s products and I currently cannot take a step outside my home without a “3D multiplex Lipgloss” (recently reviewed here as well!) in my hand,it’s THAT great in my opinion.

Let’s get to the good stuff: the well-engineered product-case is dual sided and actually contains THREE beautifiers in the same package…be still my heart! Could it possibly be that something I have bought from a quality- company I love and trust is ALSO a great value for the price? Getting excited now:one end holds the actual stick of creamy concealer and the other end opens to reveal a wand inside of a shimmering highlighter! Although it’s perfectly slim and sleek there’s really a lot of product in here and I’m thinking that NOW I can totally get stranded on that island with Josh Holloway because I have my coverup and shimmer. But wait…there is more: for those who don’t have a brush handy or really need to keep driving while applying, the TOP of the concealer also opens and there is a blending roller-ball that I have to admit I doubted at first but it REALLY does a great job of blending and smoothing where you apply your concealer! I suspect it has something to do with Carol’s many experiences getting those celebs gorgeous for the red-carpet FAST that made something like a handy dandy lil “tool” built right into her product practical? I LOVE it!

It covers like a dream,it blends like an artist would expect ,and THEN as if you need more,you can highlight the “good spots” aka browbone, above lip, cheeks, anywhere on the face or body really with the beautiful sheer and shimmering (not glittery) highlighter and voila,you too can be the stuff of tabloid dreams as you sashay out the door all beautiful and done up in a jiffy! What’s not to like  seriously: high quality products,great packaging, multi-tasking abilities, and a brand I totally trust all for $24.00? I am swooning again now…

Perfect natural shade selections and a flawless finish,fun product to use that won’t fail you Buy it here:

Of course it’s paraben free and this product is now my official new favorite “thing” for Spring! With this and Carol’s lipgloss I can get my butt out the door (or apply in the car…) and actually show up someplace looking polished and a bit more awesome without  dragging along my rolling makeup-case on wheels!

Do you also love it when a company gets it right and creates products that are a good value and that WORK? Share your fav multi-tasking makeup must have’s with us please!

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